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It's Time To Hold Trump And His Congress Accountable

I am probably the only human with either cable or Internet access who did not watch the Golden Globe Awards. Other than the clothes, I find all award shows about as interesting as watching paint dry. And the older I get, the less inclined I am to waste two or three hours of my time that I'll never get back.

But I did hear Meryl Streep's Lifetime Achievement award acceptance speech. Who didn't, it's all over social media? WOW!

Don't know about you, but for me, she really brought it home, made it even more real, more "official." And now, of course, that vile, vulgar, deplorable, disgusting, ill-prepared, dishonest and dangerous man is the 45th president of the United States.

Never will I stop shaking my head and wondering how this could have happened. Never.

But it has, and Meryl Streep, by speaking out, made something else apparent as well:

meryl streep golden globes

Meryl Streep holds the Cecil B. DeMille Award during the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. (Photo: Mario Anzuoni/Reuteurs)

Americans, and in fact the rest of the world, can no longer remain passive participants in how our cities and countries are run. Everyone has to speak up. And not just once, at an award show either. Every day, in every way. In emails, letters and voice mails to elected officials, by signing petitions, by marching locally and in our nations' capitals (peacefully) and on our own social media.

Celebrities with their powerful voices and legions of fans, titans of industry with the money and connections to make a difference, law makers, religious leaders, fellow politicians who disagree, the press and all the tax-paying citizens who give a damn and stand to lose so much if Trump and the GOP (and all politicians, everywhere for that matter) are left unchecked.

No one can just sit back and let this man, his aides, his advisors, his cabinet and his buddies in Congress destroy the principles and values America was founded upon. They can't just change the rules to suit themselves. They can't ignore everyone but the wealthy, white, privileged few.

Their feet must be held to the fire. They must be questioned. They must be challenged. They must be held accountable. They must be called out. They must be shown, in no uncertain terms that there are consequences, and that they can be voted out of office the same way as they were voted in.

"This new president, this new government, should have to hear a collective roar of disapproval every time they make a misstep."

A friend of mine sent me an article about a group of artists and critics who were planning a strike on Inauguration Day, asking all museums, galleries, studios, art schools and non-profits to remain closed on January 20.

Another friend sent me a NY Times article that talked about an "anti-inauguration" movement. One that is urging Americans to send a powerful message to Washington by taking action -- by not watching, by joining one of the many planned protests all over the country, by volunteering in local communities.

And speaking of protests, could anything have made a more powerful statement than the Women's March on Washington on Saturday? Women (and men) turned out in the hundreds of thousands in Washington, in every single state in the U.S. and around the world, including Canada. Apparently the numbers surpassed one million in the US alone.

These ideas are wonderful, they make my heart sing, they give me hope, they make me believe that if and when we all unite -- and fight -- something good can come out of even the worst of times. But these one-time initiatives aren't enough. They're a great start, a necessary start, but it's a long-term commitment that's required here.

donald trump

Donald Trump meets with business leaders on Monday Jan 23. (Photo: Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Which is why I just love the Trump resistance movement that's underway and gaining more momentum every day.

This new president, this new government, should have to hear a collective roar of disapproval every time they make a misstep.

Every time they lie or cheat.

Every time they ignore human rights, the Constitution or break a law.

Every time they don't deliver on a promise.

Every time they forsake those who elected them and those who didn't.

Every time they put America, and Americans, (not to mention the rest of us) at risk and in harm's way.

Every time they make America the subject of ridicule.

Every time they take away your pride in being an American.

Every time.

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