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A Look Back at 2013's Year of Sports

2013 was recently dubbed, "The year of the Selfie," so let us turn the camera around on the sporting calendar and reflect on what shaped these past months.

Wrapping up 2013 and Sinking your Teeth into the New Year!

2013 has been a year full of triumphs and tragedies, confessions and disbelief. There have been fantastic finishes, flourishing flops, and in some areas, seismic change.

2013 was recently dubbed, "The year of the Selfie," so let us turn the camera around on the sporting calendar and reflect on what shaped these past months.

Triumph over Tragedy -- Boston Strong

No year in review would be complete without revisiting the tragic bombing of the world's oldest annual marathon, on April 15, 2013. Over 500,000 people gathered to take in the event, held on Patriot's Day every year in Boston, Massachusetts. Several cameras were pointed at the finish line to catch the triumphant moments of runners crossing, arms raised in delight. What they caught however, were images of terror that remain forever frozen in our minds.

The shaken city drew strength from the emotional campaign, "Boston Strong." A mantra repeated often and included in an inspiring pregame speech by slugger David Ortiz at Fenway Park just a week after the incident. Ortiz and the Boston Red Sox would go on to win their eighth World Series in October and give the city an opportunity to regain some normalcy, and another reason to stand together.

Confessions and Disgraces

Earlier in the year Lance Armstrong, former holder of several Tour de France titles, unloaded a vague confession regarding his use of performance-enhancing drugs. His story included as many turns as a course in the French Alps, and left many with a poor opinion of the disgraced athlete.

In another regrettable incident, this past May, golfer Sergio Garcia ate his words and apologized immediately after commenting to Tiger Woods that he would invite the golf star over for a fried chicken dinner. The comment was intended to help resolve their recent golf spat, but instead was received as hurtful and inappropriate.

In April, Liverpool's Luis Suárez took a mouthful during a Premier League match against the Chelsea Football Club, when he bit defender Branislav Ivanović on the arm during a heated moment on the field. The Uruguayan striker was fined, suspended and sent to anger management for his act. The surprising part was that it wasn't the first incisor incident of his career.

Bright Lights and Blackout

Late in June, Torontonian Anthony Bennett was thankfully showing his teeth only while smiling, as he was selected number one at the NBA draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Bennett is the first Canadian to be drafted at the number one spot, a stunning achievement for the Brampton-born athlete, who stated he only began playing six years ago!

From the bright lights in Brampton, to the blackout at Super Bowl XLVII, the Baltimore Ravens had to wait in the dark before beating the San Francisco 49ers in Louisiana when the lights failed at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Despite the dim time out, the Super bowl still managed to record the third biggest viewing audience of all time.

Deal of the Decade

Looking to increase its own viewership, Rogers Communications inked a $5.2 billion agreement, lasting 12 years with the NHL, for the leagues broadcast and multimedia rights. Hanging in the balance is the CBC's Hockey Night in Canada, which has been allowed to continue for the next four years, however under the editorial control of Rogers. It remains to be seen how the existence of Don Cherry and the term, "editorial control," will fare in the same arena.

Looking ahead to 2014, some will make resolutions and stick to them, and some will make and break those resolutions in the same night! A new year brings a fresh start, and the opportunity to experience all kinds of new things including sports.

The Gal's Got Game encourages you to dive into a new sport this year, as either a spectator or a participant. We will be here to help you on that journey every step of the way. Happy New Year and all the best in 2014!

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