11/11/2013 12:17 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:56 EST

Hockey Mom? Follow These Tips for a Great Season

Now that winter is here, your child might be hitting the rink with their local hockey team. Here are some tips about how you can be the best hockey mom this season:

1. Save Money! Take Kids to an AHL/CHL Game

While your child might be begging you to take them to an NHL game, tickets can be very expensive. A great alternative is to take your child to an AHL (American Hockey League) or CHL (Canadian Hockey League) game. These leagues showcase some of the best up and coming players and are just as entertaining as NHL games. And you'll still have money leftover for Starbucks.

2. Meet Heroes! Take Kids to an Autograph Signing

Your child probably has a favourite hockey player that they look up to, so see if they'll be in your area sometime soon. Many players, both current and retired, have many autograph signings for fans throughout the year. It will help show your child that making the NHL is possible and will also allow them to interact with someone they look up to.

3. Don't Waste your Dough! Spend Money Wisely on Hockey Equipment

Hockey equipment can be extremely expensive. A new stick and some shoulder pads can cost you more than you thought. Make sure when you buy equipment that is well made and will last your child a long time. If your items are well made, you have the possibility of having a younger child use them when they get older. Also don't be afraid of used equipment. It may smell like a stinky boy, but it will save you a bunch of bucks.

4. Don't show up to the Wrong Game

Hockey schedules can get hectic and you don't want to be the mom who's scrambling to get your child to practice because you forgot it was even happening that day! If you create a calendar of all your child's hockey related events, you'll always know where you have to be and when.

5. Winning isn't Everything.

While it's great that your child can be competitive, it's important for them to know the importance of healthy competition. Tell them that while it great to go out and score goals and win games, its important for them to remember that other children might not take the game as seriously as they do.

6. Your Kid isn't Living Your Dream.

While you might think your child is the next Sidney Crosby, you have to keep in mind that it's VERY difficult for your child to make it to the NHL. Also at the end of the day, it should be your child's decision if they want to aim for the professional leagues, not yours.

7. Do like the Girl Guides do and Be Prepared.

While its obvious that ice rinks can get chilly, some moms might not remember to dress for the occasion. Always keep a spare pair of mitts and a blanket in the car that you can bring in to the rink in case you forget to bring warmer clothing. Helmet hair is way worse than toque hair.

8. Stop Texting and Pay Attention to your Child's Game

While you might not want to be the mom jumping up and down and screaming at the referee, please don't also be mom who sits there on her phone paying bills online during the entire game. These games are important! Watch the game, and get your cheer on!

9. No more Drama. Avoid Hockey Parent Gossip at all Costs.

While it might be fun to gossip from time to time, try to distance yourself from the drama that other hockey moms might create. While other moms might be gossiping about 'who didn't bring the team snack ' or 'why the coach is playing favourites', it's best to rise above and remain friendly with the others. Don't get caught up in pointless drama!

10. Don't Raise Wimps. Have your Child Carry Their Own Hockey Bag

This one is important, as it will help teach your child responsibility. If you carry your child's bag all the time for them, they will become lazy and dependent on you to do everything. Having your child carry the bag themselves, will show them that if they want to play this sport, they're going to have to work hard.


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