08/26/2013 03:42 EDT | Updated 10/26/2013 05:12 EDT

Why I'm Voting For Chrystia Freeland -- And You Should Too

After Jack Layton's passing, when the NDP nominated somebody no one had heard of to replace him, they experienced a stature deficit of dynamic proportion.

In Toronto Centre, the Liberals are facing exactly the same risk.

All of the candidates in the race to replace Bob Rae have fine attributes, and in the case of Todd Ross, I can speak well to his faithful and dedicated service. He and I have covered a lot of territory together over many years.

For me, though, the test is which candidate can most help Trudeau to rid Canada of Harper?

That is my ballot question.

I make no bones about it. I wanted to be that candidate. But out of respect for my leader and his task of defeating Harper, I endorsed his strategy; and today I am endorsing Chrystia Freeland.

She might be green to politics and that's a great attribute in it's own right, but she had the good sense to use her platform on Fareed Zakaria GPS, a CNN global program, to raise the oppression of gay people in a segment focused on the Russia of today. I've done some interesting things, but Fareed Zakaria never invited me onto that platform, much less to talk about a global issue that hits so close to home in Toronto Centre.

Toronto Centre is at once a domestic and international concern.

I'm not easy company for dreary academics as you all know and I also wouldn't confuse a former Managing Editor of Reuters with being one. For starters she looks you right in the eye.

She is savvy and her capacity to build connection with community will be exceptional, but it will be different than mine. I lived in Toronto Centre for 30 years but I never did learn to speak Russian!

Though I only met her recently I can tell you that I expect to be her friend for a long time and I hope that our 4-year-olds get along too.

It's an easy choice to endorse her formally and to lend full support to Justin Trudeau. I want to rid Canada of Harper. I am voting for Freeland and I think you should too.


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