08/26/2013 12:04 EDT | Updated 10/26/2013 05:12 EDT

Advice to Emerging Female Entrepreneurs

By Putri Agustina, 2013 G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, Representing Indonesia

Growing up in Indonesia I have witnessed a major problem in our economic structure; the cyclical nature of unemployment that leads to poverty. This poverty leads to daily increases in everyday prices. A solution to end this pattern is to increase the number of entrepreneurs and, more specifically, increase the role that women play in the economy.

Women are depended on as mothers, wives, daughters and providers. Their talents require discipline, loyalty and hard work. Because of their multiple roles within society, women have the ability to influence and shape their surroundings. These characteristics exhibited by women are necessities for any entrepreneurs.

Within my community there is an opportunity to devote resources to home industries. Home industries are referred to in Indonesia as small businesses whose services can be completed within the home. These industries include the creative fields like fashion design or craftsmanship.

Within fashion design, for example, there are opportunities to commercialize not only clothing but also bags, shoes, and accessories. The demand of these products and skills create an opportunity for local economic stability. More specifically, within home industries, employing larger amounts of smaller groups of people can create a more sustainable infrastructure within a community.

Indonesia can benefit from this industry because of its large population and high poverty rate. Having a self sufficient community that is rooted economically in the home, will have strong growth because its structure is based on human needs.

Through enhancing home industries, women in my community can also benefit from the new economic structure, by gaining access to the business sphere. This access will allow for women to have a greater value in the economy and result in financial independence. An investment in home industries will empower women as individuals. It can also create an infrastructure that can reduce unemployment. A system that utilizes all resources within its community, meaning both men and women have a greater chance of survival.

Putri Agustina, 2013 G(irls)20 Summit Delegate, represented Indonesia at the 2013 G(irls)20 Summit, June 15 - 19 in Moscow, Russia. Visit to watch the G(irls)20 Summit.