06/16/2014 05:55 EDT | Updated 08/16/2014 05:59 EDT

Drake Is Cheating on Toronto With Houston

drake at the 52nd annual grammy ...
drake at the 52nd annual grammy ...

Canadian rapper Drake spent the weekend in Houston, Texas. He reportedly held a "Houston Appreciation Weekend". He played a show there and did a bunch of other stuff demonstrating his love for the city. Drake shared all the action with his followers on Instagram.  

Last time HotMessFolder checked, Drake is basically an unofficial ambassador for the city of Toronto, an extension of his official role as global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors NBA team. It was Toronto that made him famous. He spun a television acting career on CTV's Degrassi: The Next Generation into a career in the music industry. He's been interviewed about keeping Toronto his home base (something a lot of Canadian-born celebs with Drake's success don't do). Toronto plays a big role in music. It's referenced a lot. We know he's proud to be from Toronto.

But fans of Drake's music will know he often raps about Houston too, and has a huge affinity for the city. He's reportedly recorded a lot of his music there. But this past weekend, his loyalties really seemed to blur a bit. Drake was rocking a Houston Astros MLB jersey at a game. Shouldn't he be doing that with the Toronto Blue Jays? Drake also posted several pictures with former Texas A&M football player Johnny 'Football' Manziel. One caption even read: "Aggie Life". Drake, that's not the life you're suppose to be about! You're suppose to be about that Rob Ford life ( well, maybe not that one), that Tim Hortons life, that Toronto Argonauts life, that Labatt Blue life, that Caribana life! See where we're going with this?  

You don't see Jay Z rocking a L.A. Kings jersey. It's New York everything all the time with him. Wiz Khalifa wouldn't dream of rocking anything but black and yellow. He bleeds Pittsburgh. When you think Los Angeles, you think Snoop. These are the rules of the rap game! You rep your city and you rep it HARD!!!! What do Houston rappers Paul Wall and Chamillionaire think of this? Yeah, they've both fallen off, but a rapper from Canada is putting claim on their turf. Rap sure has gotten soft, if that's allowed now.

Listen, we're not trying to start any rap beefs here. That's so 90s! Sure, you're allowed to show another city some love. It just shouldn't look like you're running for mayor! Plus, Houston has Beyonce for goodness sakes. She reps for her hometown often. Why does Houston need Drake too? Drake is one of the best things Toronto's got going right now. He killed it on Saturday Night Live earlier this year. People really like him. There's no doubt Drake has done a lot for Toronto. But in the world of hip hop loyalty is suppose to be king.

Toronto, you're not just going to let Houston snatch him up like that -- are you? Forget Rihanna or Keisha Chante. Drake needs to make it clear who he's dating: Toronto or Houston? He can't have a love affair with both. Can he? It would kind of make Houston his side chick. Toronto shouldn't just turn a blind eye and let the affair linger. Before you know it, you'll lose him for good. Once he starts spending winters in Houston, it's a wrap!

We love Drake, but he slipped on his hometown this weekend. With the year Toronto's had in the American media, his loyalty is needed now more than ever. Get it together, Drake! Canada Day is coming up. We expect to see a ton of maple leaf flag pics up on his social media feeds! Here's a link to Drake's Instagram feed, if you care to see all the disloyalty for yourself


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