05/08/2013 04:15 EDT | Updated 07/08/2013 05:12 EDT

Chirp, Chirt, Chirp: Boston Bruins Fans Are The Worst Ever!


Social Media in the palm of our hand, we can't escape it.

Hotmail, Facebook, twitter... It`s on our PC's, on our phones, and whether you're at work, on the go, or home, the incessant commentary of friends is ringing in your ear... and that's on a normal day.

With the NHL playoffs in full swing I can't help but notice how men will natter like 1940`s phone operators about play-by-play opinions, stats, goals, the works.

My house has been no exception; with a constant barrage of POSTS, BLOGS, TEXTS, and TWEETS regarding each game and each series.

As a passionate hockey fan, with numerous hockey fan friends, I have to say I`ve reached an educated opinion about who`s got the edge when it comes to smack talk, otherwise known as ``CHIRPING``. Drum roll please...

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boston bruins fans chirping

The Boston Bruins fans are among the most out-spoken and opinionated, obnoxious hockey fans alive, and should you invite one into a conversation regarding the NHL, look out. It makes no difference whether it came from the coach, Ron Mclean or Don Cherry himself, they will pass swift `judge Judy 'style judgement over all your thoughts, hopes and dreams, stamp twist your jersey into the ground and cap it all off by punching your mother square in the face.

Be warned, Bruins fans are the pit-bulls of hockey goonery. Make no mistake about it... they like it that way.

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