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GROOCH: Canadian Mayors MVP Naheed Nenshi (CARTOON)

Since May of this year the Canadian public have been witness to an onslaught of nasty allegations regarding public officials - public officials who would appear to be abusing the privileged positions that they have been elected to hold.

These allegations include raw video footage of a Mayor allegedly smoking crack, senators reportedly mishandling Canadian tax dollars. Finally, and most recently, with the Mayor of Montreal being arrested and possibly implicated in a fraud scandal.

Worrisome misrepresentation everywhere. Potentially even pointing to the highest levels of this country's leadership.

As the old saying goes "When it rains, it pours". And pour it did.

Here in Alberta Mother Nature's wrath quite literally stepped in and took center stage. Throwing the shenanigans of crooked Canadian public figures out of the spot light.

Record-breaking floods, the likes of which this province has never seen, ravaged southern Alberta. The waters receding, all that was left behind was tragedy, carnage, and loss. Or so we thought.

The sun came through the clouds in the city of Calgary. Like the citizens of "WHOVILLE" in the movie "The GRINCH," Calgarians dusted themselves off, stood shoulder to shoulder and reclaimed the pride and dignity of their spectacular city.

Leading the charge, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. Rarely have I seen flood reports on the news accompanied by reports that the local Mayor hasn't slept in 43 hours. Nenshi engaged the public, pleading with fellow citizens to help each other. This resulted in thousands of volunteers showing up to assist with relief efforts.

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naheed nenshi cartoon

One Week later, clean up continues and as promised, the Calgary Stampede will "Come hell or high water" commence.

Can this be? Is it possible? Do the fine people of Calgary actually have an elected official who will genuinely roll up his sleeves, work with the city and help inspire random acts of kindness? How refreshing. Just what everyone needs at a time like this.

Wouldn't it be nice if all Canadian mayors could buckle down and work as hard as Mr. Nenshi? Personally speaking, I'd like to say yes, however as an editorial Cartoonist ... That'd be bad for business.

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