08/28/2013 03:05 EDT | Updated 10/28/2013 05:12 EDT

GROOCH: Plants vs. Zombie (CARTOON)

Alas, let the jokes commence.

Conservative supporters from coast to coast will, I'm sure, want attack with abandon the fact that the party leading Canadian Liberal MP Justin Trudeau has admitted to smoking pot since being elected for his position.

While it would sound a tad strange to say it, I would think he's following the advice of the Prime Minister and doing his part to bolster the economy. While the true Blue-blooded, hardworking Conservatives of this nation don't want to admit it, it hardly strains credulity to imagine that the legalization of the drug would:

1. Free the legal system from the courts right down to the patrol cops presently hard at work busting every Tom, Dick and Harry who yearns to eat a Twinkie and trip out in their backyard staring at the moon.

2. Imagine the economic boost the country would encounter with local POT SHOPS opening in every town, chip company stocks sky rocketing over increased sales of cheesy twists, all at the cost of smelling one or two more skunks in the neighborhood.

I'm not at all suggesting that the transition required for legalizing marijuana will be an easy road after all too many cheesy twists can cause high cholesterol.

I would however like to say that my favorite quote from Mr.Trudeau on this topic is this: "I do not see this as a slippery slope... I see this as an issue of Legislators slowly catching up to where public opinion and public behavior actually is."

While the history of our opened minded for-fathers and the courage they embarked upon to legalise the

consumption of alcohol has without a doubt created a history with ups and downs, it has undoubtedly also paid its tax weight in new hospitals, schools, and fighter jets.

I for one think Mr.Trudeau has endeavored to understand and support the constituents he stands for and not just simply the ones who fund his office.

Not to mention you gotta love the honesty... honesty we haven't been feeling lately with Mr. Harper and

his Cronies, but I suppose we'll have to prorogue that issue for another time.