07/18/2013 03:17 EDT | Updated 09/17/2013 05:12 EDT

GROOCH: The Meaning of a Happy Meal (CARTOON)

Want to know what a real "Happy Meal" is? Just ask someone who's starving to death.

Ironically, world-wide obesity is reaching crisis proportions and alongside this epidemic - becauwe misery loves company - the number one cause of death globally, cardiovascular disease.

More simply put "obesity is now killing TRIPLE the number of people who die from malnutrition."

While children are growing up they so often hear the phrase, "finish your food. There are starving children in the world."

Sadly with the obesity crisis in the world today, it's not hard to imagine that this phrase is more often uttered while fast food is being consumed, rather than over a home-cooked, fresh serving of asparagus.

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