05/22/2013 03:35 EDT | Updated 07/22/2013 05:12 EDT

Senate Scandal: My What Big Teeth You Have Mr. Harper (CARTOON)


Watching a recent televised press conference from New-York last week I listened to Prime Minister Stephen Harper begin all his responses to questions by first saying "LOOK".

Well he might have unintentionally been asking for more eyes to be watching than he may have counted on, considering the events of the past week.

Like Little Red Riding Hood, if the Canadian people look carefully enough, they will start to see the camouflage is fading and the Wolf is beginning to emerge. But for all the pointing fingers in the last few days what did Mr. Harper announce he wants the nation he leads to do? ... to "STAY FOCUSED"

Is that it? REALLY??? Granted I know the economy and creating jobs is indeed the priority of any leader these days. I just think the fiasco that's plagued Mr. Harper and his party these past few days shouldn't just get swept under the rug, while he gets to wisp off to South America sipping on Margaritas.

Closing the door to the press and refusing to take questions after his brief announcement Tuesday was, if not a slap in the face of the Canadian people, possibly an admission of guilt, wrong doing, and a stance that shows contempt for accountability.

No Mr. Harper no one is saying you should cancel your travel plans and no one is directly saying your hand was in the cookie jar, but hey... I don't think the Canadian people are going to settle for the ignorant sidestep you've given us. Thanks for advising us to "stay focused on job creation", how about YOU stay focused on the one we allowed you to have.

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