10/24/2013 12:15 EDT | Updated 12/24/2013 05:12 EST

Should Your Brand Try its Hand at Content Marketing?

Content marketing seems to be all the rage lately but its easy to forget that this is a tried and true strategy -- not something new. Startups, bloggers and SMBs have been using this method to tell their story, build an audience, and connect with their customers for years.

So why does it seem as though content marketing has suddenly burst into the forefront?

Content marketing has hit its stride in the mainstream, proving that it is an effective and compelling way to market yourself, your company and your products. It has caught the attention of major brands from Coke-A-Cola to SAP. Consumer facing brands and B2B heavy hitters are shifting from an in-your-face ad-based approach (although that is still and will remain part of the equation) to a story driven approach that engages new customers and helps keep old ones.

This makes me wonder, is content the future of marketing? Looks like it. But with all the hype surrounding branded content creation that is less self-serving and more useful, how are consumers feeling about brands that have chosen to go down this path?

The below video explores how consumers perceive brands that invest in content marketing. Turns out that consumers not only like brands that create useful and engaging content, they also feel that the brand cares about establishing a good relationship with them.

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