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Stand Up to Bullying With Kindness

Teenagers bullying friend at the school
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Teenagers bullying friend at the school


I am so excited to share the news that I am a now Youth Ambassador for Bystander Revolution! Bystander Revolution is an anti-bullying organization founded in April 2014 with a mission to inspire and motivate people to take the power out of bullying with simple acts of kindness, courage, and inclusion. Through their website,, the organization is a source of direct, peer-to-peer advice about practical things anyone can do to stop bullying. The site also encourages anyone to share their own perspective by submitting a personal story in the form of a video, written story, or short tip. The Bystander Revolution website is a place where you can get information and advice about the problems AND the solutions for targets, bystanders AND bullies.

I became involved with Bystander Revolution when I spoke at We Day Seattle with one of their celebrity Ambassadors, actress and activist Lily Collins. We co-hosted the segment, Social Empowerment, and we talked about equality and inclusivity. Lily talked about her high school experience as a leader for a peer to peer support group where students gathered to talk openly about issues that they were dealing with. She said, "No topic was out of bounds, whether it was grades, bullying, depression -- anything. And what I found was pretty incredible...when people opened up, everyone listened. Over time, things began to change. Barriers between different groups started to break down." For Lily, it was all about creating a safe and supportive space and that's what drew her to become an Ambassador for Bystander Revolution.


But Lily is not the only celebrity that supports the mission and work of Bystander Revolution. Demi Lovato, John Green, Olivia Holt, Neil Gaiman, Jared Leto, Shaiiene Woodley, Monica Lewinsky, Ansel Elgort and Lucy Hale. The website includes videos from all of these people sharing their own brushes with bullies and they also give their advice.

I believe in the power of community, compassion and kindness. I believe that when these things have a big and active presence, there will be less bullying. I believe that through friendship and awareness, we might see a world one day that doesn't require anyone to have to stand up against bullying. Wouldn't that be amazing?

You might have seen my social media support recently for a the Bystander Revolution initiative Stand Kind. The call to action is to be kind through social media by giving compliments with the idea that compliments are contagious. The goal is to create a ripple effect that would see more people saying thank you, you inspire me and great job. I would love to see you join us and Stand Kind. It's easy! Here's how:


I am so proud to be a Bystander Revolution Ambassador and hope that you'll join me and Stand First, Stand Up, Stand Proud, Stand Out, Stand With, Stand Strong and Stand Kind.


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