05/14/2015 06:03 EDT | Updated 05/14/2016 05:59 EDT

Let's Empower Girls and Women With the #WithStrongGirls Movement

ONE launched their new campaign, #WithStrongGirls. It is all about empowerment and the belief that if we empower women in developing communities, they will be able to sustain themselves and break the cycle of poverty.

To give a really big voice to #WithStrongGirls, ONE brought together nine of the most talented female singers from seven countries in Africa. The song and video is called "Strong Girl!" and it's about the importance of standing strong with girls and women everywhere.

I LOVE this video because it shows what can happen when girls are empowered. Remember, girls are just as strong as anyone. One of my favourite parts in this video is when singer Blessing says, "You're wonderful, loving and strong. Nothing is stronger than a woman's worth. I'm the piece of the puzzle that's missing, baby." I love that. It says that women and are amazing and nothing is stronger than them.

This year is the Year of Empowerment for Free The Children as well. I firmly believe that it is so important that people can sustain themselves and take care of themselves when they have what they need. The best way that you can empower somebody is to provide them with the tools and resources for them to create their own change. We are most empowered when we are able to change what we need.

Strong girls and empowerment. SO important.

Here's how you can get involved and support #WithStrongGirls.

1. You can share the "Strong Girls" Music video with your friends on social media.

2. Share your #Strengthie (pose for a selfie and look strong) to show how strong you are. Post it on social media and tag people to ask them to show their #Strengthie too. Show everyone how strong you really are. Remember, we are stronger together.


3. Visit ONE for more information and ways to take action.

I want to leave you today with a quote, an African proverb, that inspires my journey as a change-maker.



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