10/18/2013 09:27 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Harvey Panesar For Edmonton Ward 11: My Vision For Edmonton

I believe in Ward 11 and that's why I'm raising my kids here

My vision for Edmonton is to create a progressive environment that nurtures the growth of business, affordable living and social responsibility. In the next City Council I will raise the profile of Ward 11 and ensure it is a symbol of optimism and renewal. I believe in Ward 11 and that's why I'm raising my kids here.

Having built a small business into a successful enterprise required effective leadership, sound decision making and the ability to foster relationships between dynamic personalities. To guarantee the success of the City it requires an individual like me to bring this experience to City Hall.

Ward 11 needs a comprehensive affordable living solution and change in a brighter and prosperous direction. Providing affordable living solutions is a priority for me. It is a key element in growing our Ward. Ward 11 is a diverse community, from seniors, to new immigrants, long-time residents to those who seek affordable housing for their families. Every resident living here should find Ward 11 to be affordable, accessible and connected to the rest of the City. Focusing on transit, housing, state of the art facilities and community support, I will ensure Ward 11 is a place where Edmontonians come to raise their families and stay because it has all the amenities needed to be prosperous.

Improving community engagement is another top priority for me because I believe dialogue with community enhances our ability to make better community based decisions. I would like to change the perception of politicians not being accountable and accessible. A represented official is nothing but an extension of a constituent. You wish to be heard and I wish to deliver your messages to City Council. I would like to listen to my constituents and encourage you to express your opinion and thereby enable me to provide the most effective support and resolutions.

As we enter the final week of the campaign, I would like to express a heartfelt thanks to every single person that has helped us get to this point. I have been inspired by your commitment and the enthusiasm that you have shown over the past few months.

On October 21st, vote Harvey Panesar to represent Ward 11.