05/25/2013 05:40 EDT | Updated 07/25/2013 05:12 EDT

5 Reasons to Follow Andy Lassner on Twitter


If you're not familiar with Andy Lassner, chances are you've never watched an episode of The Ellen Show. And if you haven't, you're an asshole. But I digress, Lassner is the show's Emmy award-winning executive producer who makes an occasional appearance, usually at his own expense, set up in one of Ellen's many on-air pranks.

I've been following Lassner on Twitter for a while now, after discovering several of the Ellen Show writers tweet quite frequently. And while Ellen is the star of the show, Lassner has become quite arguably a Twitter force to be reckoned with.

He may not have millions of followers, but fans of the show who are savvy enough to find and follow him know how wickedly funny he is. His topical tweets, usually fueled by politics, silly celebs and hockey are a riot. I've definitely found myself sifting through backlogs of Lassner tweets while riding the train to work in the morning. It's like falling down a rabbit hole of sarcasm and self-deprecating delight.

Some of my favorite zingers come in the form of ridiculing "The Donald" and taking creeper selfies with unsuspecting people in the background. And while hating on Trump may be reason enough to follow Lassner, I've got 5 more examples to support my case:

1) He regularly declares his fandom for his beloved LA Kings, which as a devoted Canucks fan, stings a little. But his love of hockey wins him points north of the border.

2) He quite clearly adores his wife and kids, but has no problem calling them out in the spirit of publishing an amusing tweet.

3) Although most of his Tweets are satirical in nature, he does sprinkle in a meaningful message here and there, showing support for important causes like gay rights in the U.S.

4) Some of his tweets portray him as neurotic, which could very well be true. Either way, I appreciate people who unabashedly highlight their quirks, eccentricities, food addictions, and propensity for panic attacks.

5) He takes the piss out of stupid celebrities (ex. Justin Bieber's Anne Frank comment).

Who are you creeping on Twitter these days? Anyone tweeting out something outrageous Twitter users should know about? Post their handle in the comment section below.

Follow Lassner's tweets @andylassner and me, naturally, @urbancowgirl.