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Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Lazy-Ass People

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Halloween sale concept and costume shopping symbol as a shop cart with the hat of a witch inside with a price tag as an icon for fall season discounts on clothing with 3D illustration elements.

I used to be one of those people who planned their Halloween costume weeks in advance. Something unique and clever that usually capitalized on a sensational current event. Perhaps one of my personal bests was in 2008 amidst another monumental US election where my husband and I went as Foreign Relations -- me as a Tina Fey-esque Sarah Palin and he as the Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Three cheers for couples costumes! #saidnooneever

As my tickle trunk of costumes has grown over the years, my desire to be creative has dwindled. Why spend a hundred bucks or more on a costume that will undoubtedly end up wrecked and reeking of booze by the end of the night?

Last night my husband and I reprised our costume from last year; simple headbands that make it look as though a cleaver and butcher knife have sliced through our skulls, respectively. Costume title: Splitting Headache.

Easy, cheap and yet somehow still a party hit. If you too can't be bothered to pull together an elaborate costume to wear Halloween night, here's a list of the laziest -- although current -- costume ideas ever:


Supplies needed: British flag, exit sign (available at most hardware stores)

Styling: wear flag as cape, tube dress or toga and attach exit sign with safety pin


Supplies needed: hot sauce, a bag

Styling: place hot sauce in bag


Supplies needed: all-white clothing (dig up those Diner en Blanc duds), Oscar statue (available at most dollar stores), white face paint

Styling: apply face paint liberally, put on white clothing, hold up Oscar, take a photo and tweet it using the hashtag

The Revenant

Supplies needed: large teddy bear

Styling: go outside and roll around in the mud, attach teddy bear to back

Carpool Karaoke

Supplies needed: plain t-shirt, sharpie, toy microphone

Styling: draw HOV highway lines on shirt, hold microphone, speak in British accent, learn lots of pop music

They go low, we go high

Supplies needed: limbo stick, doobie (fake, of course)

Styling: do the limbo while smoking doobie

Got a lazy costume idea? Throw down in the comments below.

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