08/04/2014 02:31 EDT | Updated 10/04/2014 05:59 EDT

Freeman House Shares Creative Insights Through New Web Series

I'm obsessed with process. That's why I wrote about it immensely for 99U. At the same time, I understand the futility of attempting to quantify and systemically replicate creativity. That doesn't mean creativity is impossible to learn or refine, it just requires a different type of education. Fewer diagrams. Fewer models. More conversations. More experimentation.

Ryan Freeman, managing partner and creative director of Freeman House Productions and one half of progressive house duo The Dirty Tees, decided to explore the creative process through individuals who work in fields that demand creative energy. He filmed these conversations and published them in a web series entitled The Guild. Freeman conceptualized the series and scored each one with his own original sound.

The first four episodes feature producer and songwriter Edmond Huszar (a.k.a., OVERWERK), graphic designer and letterer Ben Johnston, Chief Planner of Toronto Jennifer Keesmaat, and Naked & Famous founder and designer Brandon Svarc.

There are some interesting details in each episode. Huszar explores his origins with graphic design and video editing, and how he stumbled into music. Johnston talks about success coming as a byproduct of enjoyment. Keesmaat ties storytelling into how she understands and develops cities. Svarc talks about studying finance in school because he hated it, but understood it would contribute to his business. Huszar and Svarc both frown on self-proclaimed "experts," and both emphasize the importance of constantly learning and approaching situations with a beginner's mind. (Reminiscent of Pharrell's advice on killing the ego.)

Fewer lessons are more effective than the ones that come straight from the horse's mouth. These individuals gather their methods, principles, and information and test them through their full-time endeavors and share through in The Guild. For creative freshmen and experts alike, The Guild offers insights lessons and healthy reminders into the essence of creativity.