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No One Does Easter Like NYC

Jews have brought out the Seder plate and the story of Passover is told around the Seder table around the world in every language. And now as Passover ends, Easter begins with church services bringing gravitas to the sometimes gaudy celebrations.

I have always loved Manhattan, the bright lights, the big city! There is always a certain buzz around town during any of the holidays. But more so, Easter tends to bring a renewal: Spring is in the air, the weather is warmer and people want to be outdoors. Easter egg hunts and parades are nothing new to any household or city, however nobody does it better then the Big Apple.

The Big Egg Hunt 2014

Founded in 1842, Peter Carl Faberge became the official goldsmith for the Russian Imperial Court and eventually began making lavish bejeweled and enameled eggs for the last Tzars. This well-known artistic practice has continued and flourished over the years. In keeping with tradition, the House of Faberge has gathered top designers such as Ralph Lauren and Diane von Furstenberg, along with local and global artists to create the ultimate Easter egg hunt.

Charged with designing a personal spin on decorating eggs, this annual event will allow seekers to find outstanding and stunning creations only found in the imagination. The 300, two and half feet tall sculptures that have been hidden around the city during the month of April and conclude during an auction held on April 22. Proceeds will benefit The Elephant Family and Agnes Gund's Studio in a School.

Have fun searching the city for these masterpieces via a Smartphone App. Check off and check in once you find one. For more info check here and for auction info and to see the full collection visit here.

New York City Easter Parade

Every year NYC hosts one of the world's most famous Easter Parade. Each year attendees and participants show up in their Sunday best and as tradition states, with Easter bonnets in tow. Over the years people have tried to outdo each other with fabulous, over the top, fun and funky Easter bonnet designs. Below are a few images of some of the out of this world, larger then life Easter Bonnet creations. For info on this year's parade check here.

The Chocolate Bunny Debate

I LOVE Chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate?! Every Easter, at one household or another, I find a battle begins and the conversation of how to "properly eat" a chocolate bunny. Do you start with the ears? The tail? The feet? At any rate, the result is chocolate on the taste buds!

In 2010 South African chocolatier, Crafty Corner, crated the worlds largest chocolate bunny. Weighing in at 3,014 tonnes and measuring 3.82 metres high, Crafty Corner broke the previous Guinness World record by far! In this case the battle may be a bit more difficult claim! Below are some large and in charge chocolate bunnies to get your sweet tooth dancing.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy Easter Long weekend.

Go Big or go home!

Fun, Fab and Extreme: Easter 2014