10/05/2012 12:07 EDT | Updated 12/05/2012 05:12 EST

Why Justin Trudeau Is the Liberal Party's Biggest Liability


The American Presidential debate was really interesting but I wonder why Mitt Romney or Barack Obama didn't address the most vital issue for the future of Americans -- Justin Trudeau. I live in Ottawa, our nation's capital. I was walking home the other day when I saw Justin Trudeau walking a few metres away from me -- on the water. I had a dream the other night that I'll never forget -- I saw Jesus kneeling down, praying to a figure in the distance. After focusing on the figure in the distance I realized it was Justin Trudeau, Jesus was asking Justin Trudeau to save him.

If the Liberal party thinks they will be saved by Justin Trudeau, the Liberal party is in for a rude, but potentially hilarious, awakening. He may very well be a good candidate for leader and everyone I know who has met him has nothing but positive things to say, but any misstep for him, presuming he wins the nomination, will be disastrous for the Liberal party.

Trudeau is like a nuclear missile -- he's great to have in your pocket, no wait, that analogy makes no sense. Trudeau is like something that could blow up in your face, destroying everything around you or, if used properly, save you from being eaten by zombies or dragons or you know -- some kind of carnivore.

Trudeau is dangerous because he can be easily caricatured by the Conservatives and the NDP. The Liberal party will have to be incredibly careful in shaping his narrative -- his story, because if they're not, if they allow his opponents to define him, he will do horrible damage to the Liberal brand.

Justin Trudeau is not Barack Obama -- he was not born into poverty, he did not spend years being a community advocate or overcome some enormous burden. He did not accomplish (near as I can tell) anything to suggest he is terribly special or unique. There is no compelling narrative, no story here that is inspiring to a normal person.

Most Canadians in their 20s or 30s have no memory of Pierre Trudeau. All that Justin Trudeau is to us is a good-looking young guy whose dad was Prime Minister and our parents or grandparents mentioned while eating turkey on Thanksgiving that one time. If the Liberal party can shape the narrative around Trudeau, make his story appealing to the common man, make his story our story, then they have a serious chance of serious success.

If I was an advisor for the Conservatives or NDP I would be salivating at the opportunity to define Justin Trudeau to Canadians. Think of the odious narrative you could construct about "Prince" Justin Trudeau. How can any ordinary person relate to being born into the equivalent of Canadian royalty? If the Conservatives or NDP paint him as a spoiled brat who believes he is destined to be Prime Minister because it is owed to him, that he has never accomplished anything but expects everything, it will be the end of him.

In fact, Trudeau's popularity is largely due to Harper's incredible unpopularity. To a significant number of Canadians the man cannot catch a break; it doesn't matter how well Canada is doing compared to the rest of the G8, it doesn't matter what we do in Libya, or whether our banking system is sound or whether our currency is strong, if Steven Harper said that water was his favourite drink, these people would die of thirst.

And therein lies the future for the Liberals -- they have an opening. Many voters plugged their noses and voted for the NDP simply because they hated Steven Harper. People are looking for another place to park their vote -- it's up to Trudeau and the Liberals to convince them that their parking spot has the best view.

Wow -- what was that!? Outside my window as I write this blog post Justin Trudeau has just flown past. He can fly?! Behind him are a red and white flash of colours and the sound, I think, of angels singing.