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Ladies, It's Time To Make Comfortable Bras Sexy

comfortable bra

It's no shocker to anyone that I have a very minimal supply in the bosom area. I have never been one of those girls that have filled out a shirt nicely; in fact, while most girls were trying on bras at La Senza in high school, I was picking out sports bras at Champs. Talk about an embarrassing way to go through puberty!

I never knew exactly how to properly fit a bra or what to choose, and even into young adulthood, I was going through what seemed like Brassiere Multiple Personality Disorder: I went from wanting a push-up to squeezing into a bandeau in a matter of minutes. A lot of this, I realize, had to do with the fact that I was making my bra choices not based on my own body but based on the shirt I had wanted to wear on a particular day. What an idiot, right?

The struggle (that felt very real) had finally ended with the introduction of personal shoppers in undergarment stores. Once I knew exactly what size and shape I was better off with, it was time to play around with styles. Unfortunately, I had never been prone to wear super slinky lingerie and chose the road to comfort instead, so my options were limited to the standard T-shirt bra (thank you Calvin Klein for the staple). As great as those are, they don't do much in the style department and anything that can be rocked under a see-through shirt usually involves lace, silk or severe cleavage. Who has time for that?

As luck would have it, a brand that I had previously mostly seen in my mother's drawers has come back with styles that function as a well-made, comfort brassiere but look like those sexy little numbers one has to wear under an LBD. Finally! I can feel attractive without fidgeting with my chest area!

One can only hope that with the introduction of active wear as a fashion staple more brands will follow in these footsteps. I mean, if we can rock Lululemons to work instead of dress pants, why can't a comfort bra be the new sexy? More so, why are most lingerie lines toggling between the comfort and the sexy side, but never mending the two looks?

It seems that as much as we would like to show our power and eminent equality in every other aspect of life, when it comes to our bosoms, we still put slinky and attractive into the same category. Don't get me wrong -- I own more than my fair share of scandalous under attire, but I just wish that bras I was keen on wearing every day did not resemble something that belongs to an era long gone. Can we not toss that part of the design in the trash alongside pantaloons and knickerbockers?

It's time to reinvent the bra-burning, flower-child moments of our mothers and start a new revolution: erase the line that leaves us embarrassed of our undergarments when we just want something comfortable to wear. Wear your comfort bras proud, ladies! We have enough on our plates as it is -- no need to add bra-shaming to the list!



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