01/13/2017 05:14 EST | Updated 01/13/2017 05:14 EST

A False Sense Of Security

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Our voyage here on earth is not an easy one, I agree. For some, it is more of a descent into hell than a cruise on the Mediterranean.

At times, it is difficult to understand why this should be. Why we, or at least some of us, endure true hell and, worse, why we (or some of us) deliberately choose to make of black holes in our lives by making ourselves slaves to all types of addictions.

If we only understood, within the very fiber of our being that which gives pleasure today may eventually destroy us. By wanting to feel alive at all costs, we are killing ourselves slowly.

I am not necessarily talking of physical death here, but of the end of what connects us to others and to this planet. We lose the essence of who we really are, as if one morning we look into the mirror, and wonder: "Who is this person?"

I know someone who, when he feels that stress is too intense for him, has the tendency to abuse drugs, alcohol and sex, and yet, he is a brilliant businessman.

What is he running from, what does he want to destroy? "I just want to have fun", he retorts. At twenty, I could understand. Not at forty.

When he talks this way, I would rather hear: "I just want to forget, I want to escape this pain that is so deep in my gut ..." In fact, like all those struggling with an addiction, he refuses to look inside himself, because he is afraid of what he may find.

It is not necessary to consume drugs or alcohol to make life a living hell. For many, food, shopping, work and games may serve as an outlet.

Any uncontrollable need reflects a flaw in our foundation. We try to patch the hurt, and the first substance or experience that brings comfort also becomes a false sense of security. However, we have to be aware that a day will come when the substance or the experience will no longer bring its comfort.

It is humanly impossible to maintain a constant high. The day this illusion of being happy will take too much space, it is the entire structure that will collapse.

If we do not find the cause or reason why we chose to stupefy our senses, our excesses will eventually take its toll and the damage will be irreversible.

We all have the wisdom and tools to heal our bruises. All we need is to connect ourselves to the place within us that longs for serenity and happiness.

This will guide us along the road that will lead us home again.

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