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When We Need To Pursue Our Choices To The End

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The more experiences I acquire in my life, the more I realize that the most significant insights are those that take time to unfold. Very often, they appear when the last line of the story is written; or after the projectors are turned off. It is then that we experience true freedom, because we finally understand why it was necessary to go through it all.

Needless to say, the road is often long and arduous before we understand the merits of what is happening. We believe that we will never make it; but fortunately, we always do. The outcome may sometimes differ from what we had hoped, but most of the time it is for the better. At least, that's what we come to understand, later. Much later.

When enough is enough

At times, if we feel that we are unable to free ourselves from certain situations, it is often because it is not as clear to us as it is to others -- those who surround us and who often have a completely different perception of the circumstances.

Basically, they may be right, or maybe not. In any case, we need to see the situation through to the end, so that we can see for ourselves what it is, despite the fact that we know we may be chasing after our own loss. Because, although the speeches we hear usually make sense, they do not always resonate with us. Although we understand in our minds, there is always a part of us that is still confused, and as long as it is not clear, it will dwell inside us, and will eventually result in irrational behaviour. Only when we understand what happened, and why it happened, will we be free.

Fortunately, the day comes when enough is enough. A verbal attack, a gesture, an inappropriate word... When it finally clicks, we can then recover our common sense and, above all, take back our power. Power that we gave up to others, to circumstances, or to life in general.

Learning to choose

We have to learn how to make our own choices. Not through selfishness, but rather through seeing what's not working and doing what it takes to correct it. When we believe we no longer have any value, no longer know who we are, or if we have lost our bearings, it is the right time to change the terms of our life.

Not one person, or situation, can attach themselves to us at this point. However, if this happens to be the case, it has nothing to do with the love or happiness we are entitled to.

Head towards a new destination

The day we become aware of the merits of our "trials," they will have had a completely different meaning. They will no longer be perceived as punishment or bad karma, but as a way in which we are called upon to improve certain aspects of our lives which are not in harmony with whom we are.

Pursuing our choices to the end, even the bad ones, allows us to better define our true goals, because it is by recognizing what no longer suits our needs that we can then head towards a new destination.

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