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Americans Elected Someone Who Looks, Acts And Thinks Like Them

Mike Segar / Reuters
U.S. President-elect Donald Trump greets supporters during his election night rally in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 9, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

No, I am not an expert in politics. To be honest, it does not even interest me. First, because everything around it is extremely negative. And I do not appreciate the easy and free judgments that our politicians have to face on a regular basis. Having worked with corporate staff all my life, I know that appearances are often not what they seem.

Sometimes, I would like to tell all those who always seem to have to criticize our leaders: "What would you do that's so amazing if you were in their position? Besides using coarse language, I mean?" But everyone is entitled to their opinion, I guess, and the perception of some is not the perception of others.

The fact is that we often lack information, and information (taken out of its context) can lead us to have opinions way too simplistic and closed-minded.

You will say that I am generalizing here... but who is president of the United States this morning?

The American psyche

In the case that concerns us here, which is the day after the election of Donald Trump, I can only give a high five to people who had the brilliant idea to let him appear at the head of the Republican party. In fact, they understood one thing: That the Americans probably need to elect someone who resembles them.

What I think is that all the nonsense that has been said by Mr. Trump resonates with most Americans. You will say that I am generalizing here... but who is president of the United States this morning?

In fact, would it be right to think that many of our southern friends don't really appreciate Mexicans and that many of them show a propensity to misogyny? We can ask ourselves the question, can't we?

Thus, I dare to say (or rather propose the idea) that Americans have just elected someone who has many similarities with them, or at least the person who was the most like them.

The strength of social networks

I wonder if Donald would have had so many votes if social networks did not exist. What has actually happened is that we have heard so much about him that the character -- as execrable as he was because of his numerous, erratic remarks -- became something of a "friendly cartoon." How many times have I seen his face on my Facebook wall and, I have to admit, could not help but smile or even laugh out loud?

The fact that he finally manages to make us feels good with his completely unrestrained personality transforms him in a charming man, making us completely forget about all the things he did wrong.

Resettle the strings

Now that the Republicans got what they wanted, which is to be at the head of the country for the next four years, I have the feeling that the strings that had been cut to allow Mr. Trump deploy all the crap that ultimately contributed to his popularity will be resettled.

I doubt that he will actually implement all the aberrations that came out of his mouth. In my point of view, one will resettle the strings to the puppet. Will he comply? That is a good question because Mr. Trump is a "free spirit" who has absolutely no tact, no filters, no sense of composure.

Anyway, time will tell if, finally, Republicans were much more cunning than we thought. (Wink.)

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