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Here's How You Can Become $5,000 Richer

FACT: 90 Per Cent of the Journey Is Taking the First Step

Once you're determined enough to take that initial step towards accomplishing what it is you set out to accomplish, the most difficult part is DONE.

Let me ask you, why aren't you living your dream. Is it money? If it is in fact money, I'm about to make that non issue. I'm going to give you $5,000, and that's all you'll need to take a first step towards your dream.

Watch a video version of this pep talk here:

BUT... How much money is $5,000?

  • It's paying for that piece of equipment you need
  • It's getting personal training to get in the best shape of your life
  • It's paying for that course you wanted to take or the first semester of university
  • It's getting studio time or a vocal coach
  • It's getting your first car
  • It's 25 photo shoots, which could land you your next gig

Now, Here's The Money:

Your daily coffee: $5

Your daily lunch: $15

Total daily expense: $20

$20/day = $100/week

This equals $5,200/YEAR !!

You might pack a lunch and not eat out everyday, but the point is put aside $100 a week and you'll have an extra $5,000 in your pocket to take the first step towards LIVING YOUR DREAM!

It's that easy.

Isn't the best money, the money you forgot you had?


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