10/17/2013 03:43 EDT | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

James Maxim, Calgary Ward 11


We must lead progressively in the conservation and use of the environment (air, water, soil) and that the City must ensure the development of cultural and recreational facilities for a dynamic and vibrant Calgary. Through conservative fiscal policies I will support effective fiscal budget control, the building of modern infrastructure and transportation policies to effectively facilitate the movement of people, goods, and services.

To achieve these goals, I will foster proper communications with stakeholders through the City of Calgary's Engagement process. My business experience in the energy industry will serve as a form of effective corporate governance in the decision making process.

As your elected representative, I pledge to provide effective political leadership, corporate governance decision-making with a forward thinking vision, and a bold approach of transparency and accountability to work on YOUR behalf -- as a representative of your needs -- as citizens of Ward 11 and the City of Calgary.

As your next Councillor, my vision is a vibrant city with sustainable economic growth for its citizens and proper development of a housing and commercial industry -- which includes plans for affordable housing and environmental standards -- to ensure a high quality of life for Calgarians.

Political Experience

I am a veteran of the political arena, a former federal candidate, long-time campaign manager, and fiscal conservative who is seeking your support as candidate for Councillor in Calgary's Ward 11.

Volunteer Experience

I bring over 30 years experience in negotiating to find common ground to promote the interests of government, business, and citizens. Throughout my life, I have demonstrated a strong commitment to his community through volunteer service with:

The Canadian Progress Club

The City of Calgary Municipal Building Advisory Committee

The National Canada Day Committee

The Sien Lok Society

The Canadian Diabetes Association

"Acting as an elected official is another form of service to my community."--James Maxim