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Tips for Getting Back-to-Business With a Smile

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Alright. You are back at work, sitting at your desk looking at your computer screen. Looking back at you is a lot of open space that needs to be filled because there is not a lot of booked business or even tentatively booked business staring back at you. You think you are about to have a heart attack, but do not panic! This too shall pass.

Many entrepreneurs go through this once school is back in session, and just like the kids that are back to a routine, it's time for you get back to one as well. "Where should I start?" is the question I get from my coaching clients all of the time and here is what I tell them: take a deep breath, loosen the tension in your shoulders and breathe!

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is they fly by the seat of their pants. They jump from one idea to the next because they have no sense of direction and no flight plan to follow. To help you get yourself back on track here are my top three tips to get you started this September.

# 1 - Create a plan and write it down

If you created a plan at the beginning of the year, now is the time to pull it out, review and ground yourself again. Make a list of what has worked well and what has not year to date and then revise your plan accordingly. If you did not create a plan, then go back over your year and do the same exercise. Look at what has worked well year to date and what has not (hint -- not having a plan should be on this side of the page). Once you have done this exercise, take the balance of the year and map out what you need to do. Create a dream week and start following it.

#2 -- Understand that big picture

A business year consists of twelve months not just the last four months of the year. Therefore, understanding your big picture is very important to map out the rest of your year. Look at your entire business year to date and pay close attention to your numbers, business mix, cross sell opportunities, new business funnel and deferred revenue.

# 3 -- You may have to change

If you find once you complete steps one and two that things have not been working as well as you would like them to -- newsflash! -- you just might have to change. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If something has not been working then stop it, take the time to analyze why and then come up with a new system or process.

Being an entrepreneur can often be a lonely journey so make sure to share your plan with someone who is interested and committed to helping you succeed so you have some support along the way. However, it is you who must have total passion and belief in your venture. There is no one else who is going to be able to communicate this to others but you.

All the best as you blaze towards the year-end finish line!


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