03/27/2017 06:07 EDT | Updated 03/27/2017 06:07 EDT

Spring Into Spring With Pastels!

Goldmund Lukic via Getty Images

From fashion to home décor pastels are quickly becoming the colour focus for spring style. Designers took notice when soft hues, rose quartz and serenity, were named by Pantone for the colours of 2016. From these light and youthful shades, designers have seemed to rediscover pastels. Here are some easy and chic ways to incorporate this "new" look into your wardrobe and home.

In fashion, this look is light and airy with a splash of edge. In a time of global tensions and uproar it's a unique statement that fashion designers are embracing a softer side of colour and style. Perhaps in an attempt to look for a refreshing escape. Regardless of motivation, trend setters across the globe are updating their #OOTD with pastel pink, soft peach and baby blue. When it comes to bringing pastel into a wardrobe, start by selecting pieces of neutrals that already might be in your closet, a light denim jean, a grey tank... then start layering in pastel elements.

Accessories are a great place to start. Chloé's 'Drew' bag in soft blush pink and gold hardware embodies the pastel trend and will also work with overall neutrals as well. PANDORA Jewelry's new spring collection allows trendsetters and pastel lovers to incorporate the soft shades into their wardrobe in a way that is totally customizable and unique to them. With rings, necklaces, charms, bangles and earrings available in a gamut of pastel tones the styling options are endless. To finish this look sport a pair of classic converse in a pastel shade like the "breakpoint" in pastel floral.

When it comes to interiors nothing has ignited pastel-inspired home décor like London's insta-famous restaurant Sketch. Designed by Paris based India Mahdavi and featuring a David Shrigley gallery, this London hot spots main dining room is a sea of pastel pink with accents of gold. Soon after Sketch opened, this shade and design style started being seen in home décor globally.

British media darling and Ladies of London star's Caroline Stanbury's collection for EC My Life, is glamorous and girly, reflecting the designers personality, and features pastel shades from soft yellow, seen in the Yasmine side table, to baby pink and blue, seen in the Cem lounger and Luke cabinet (the latter named after Stanbury's ever present makeup artist). While Stanbury's furniture line isn't unreasonably priced, if you aren't ready to commit to a full pastel makeover consider painting an accent wall in your bedroom a soft pastel. Bedrooms are a great place to start, as the soft colours will instantly relax the space.




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