08/04/2015 12:32 EDT | Updated 08/04/2016 05:59 EDT

This Is For the Women [Slam Poetry Video]

A year ago I wrote a poem "This is for the women who don't give a fuck" on my laptop in the Langdale parking lot in British Columbia.

I had just spent a week working with a powerful woman who inspired me with her resilience.

She is a single mom, and a multi-faceted creator. Her ability to do, and do well astounded me.

Forget everything you've been told--single moms are the real superheroes.

The words that poured out into this poem, now video, are about all the women in my life who empower and inspire me.

It is not written about one woman--it is written about many.

I wish to walk, work and exist amongst queens.

Women who know their worth, walk in their brilliance and most importantly are not threatened by the brilliance of other women.

Who do not shrink, but grow taller beside great women.

There is space for all of us on this planet.

Daily, I meet women who walk taller than an old cypress tree.

I wanted this to be spoken by them.

While in New York I put a call out on my social media for women who would be interested in speaking lines of my poem "This is for the women who don't give a fuck."

I received a global response.

Come to Australia! Come to India! Come to Europe!

I was overwhelmed with messages from women globally.

We organized, screened and filmed the video in five days, on a New York-inspired whim.

Some additional content was filmed in Victoria, Canada.

The women involved are not actors--we connected through social media, through friends of friends, through the streets.

All of the women were asked to choose lines that they felt represented them, spoke to them or inspired them.

This is what we created.

Thank you to all the women who walk in their greatness, in doing so, you give me permission to do the same.