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Justice Is The Foundation For Everlasting Peace

Holuy Korand and rosary
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Holuy Korand and rosary

"Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere." These words of Martin Luther King Jr. accurately describe the world crisis we live in today.

Whether we look at Iraq & Syria, Israel & Palestine, or Russia & Ukraine, our world is heading full speed towards unprecedented deterioration. Therefore, composure in handling international relations is essential to avoid the summation of regional conflicts erupting into a world war.

In fact, just last week we've witnessed one of the most gruesome attacks again perpetrated by ISIS on Brussels airport. This heinous and unjust crime has further heightened global terrorism and continues to bring the world towards darkness.

To avoid war and attacks as such, all nations must come together for the greater good and unite in their efforts to stop all forms of cruelty, persecution and injustice perpetrated in the name of religion or else wise.

Just this past weekend I was part of an International Peace Symposium, where the Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, addressed thousands of world-leaders and influential politicians regarding concrete and tangible ways to bring about peace in our world today.


He mentioned that the primary solution to stopping ISIS is for countries to sanction Daesh and stop buying oil from the terrorist group.

"The solution remains, as I have already said, to act with justice, and leave aside all vested interests. The critical importance of cutting the funding and supply lines of extremist groups is vital. For example, a special investigative report published in the Wall Street Journal recently stated that Daesh was acquiring huge quantities of US dollars from auction being held by Iraq's central bank. Those same dollars were being provided to Iraq directly from the federal reserves in the US."

We're in a tangled mess, and now it seems hard to get out.

The public opinion of Islam as a religion that promotes violence also continues to feed the propaganda machines of evil groups such as Daesh.

It remains that in the media the peaceful and inclusive message of Islam continuously practiced by 1.6 billion people, is not extensively reported. While on the other hand those relatively few people involved in brutality and carnage are given non-stop, worldwide coverage and attention. There is no doubt that this plays a huge role in influencing public opinion, and so this power should be utilized responsibly as a force for good and peace. Just as important it is to report the carnage, is to report the efforts eradicating it.

After all, publicity is the oxygen sustaining most extremist or terrorist groups.

The Caliph went on to say:

"Now when we look at the world over all, in terms of conflicts between nations or groups, the golden principal for long lasting establishment of peace is: If there is a dispute between nations, or groups, third parties should seek to mediate and bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict. In the event of an agreement, all parties should act equitably, but if either party contravenes the settlement and takes aggressive measures, then the other nations should unite together and even use force, if necessary to stop the aggressor. However, once the aggressive party withdraws and adopts peace, they should not be unduly restricted, rather should be permitted to move forward as an independent nation and free society."

This interesting and accurate remedy seems to be the only seed of hope that remains in our society today.

If we look at the practice of regime change for example, it has continuously resulted in negative ramifications for our society at large. Both in Iraq and Libya, regime change has resulted in severe displacement and chaos, affecting the overall peace and stability in these regions.

For example, the West was determined to remove Saddam Hussain from Iraq and the painful consequences of that war 13 years ago are continued to be felt today. Another example is Libya, where Qaddafi was forcefully removed from office in 2011, and ever since Libya has spiraled into a state of lawlessness and chaos. A direct consequence of the political vacuum in Libya has been Daesh building a significant base and terror network in the country, which it has continued to strengthen.

What does this teach us? There is no cookie-cutter solution to remedying the world of its countless problems, and ultimately destroying Daesh, however it all boils down to justice.

Justice is the foundation upon which peace is built, and until we understand that, we will continue to tread dangerous waters, until there is no water left to tread.

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