06/09/2014 05:25 EDT | Updated 06/16/2017 01:07 EDT

This Father's Day, All Your Dad Really Wants Are the Three B's

The third Sunday in June is set aside as a day to honour our fathers for everything they have done for us. That includes, but is not limited to: killing spiders, playing catch, going fishing, cutting the grass, taking out the garbage, waking up for 7 am hockey practices, walking the dog and making chili.

So, how can a mere gift repay good 'ol dad for all that he has done? Is a funny tie a suitable token of our appreciation? Or should we ignore our budgets and buy him a recliner with a built in fridge?

Consolidated Credit believes neither of those gifts are ideal because they are not from the heart. Fortunately, we have thought of three gifts that are frugally inspired and cover the three things that most father's love -- beer, baseball and BBQ.

Beer-- There's nothing more Canadian than a Canadian man drinking a Canadian beer! Most dads love nothing more than coming home from a long day of work and sitting on the back deck while enjoying a cold one. The easy way to make your dad happy on Father's Day is to just buy him a case of his favorite beer but that is neither frugal nor fun!

We suggest you take your dad to a homebrew shop and make the inaugural "Allen Family Ale" or "Peterson Pilsner" together. It will cost half as much as what you'd buy at the store and it will also be something you can do together. Slap a personalized label on it so every time dad raises one to his lips he'll think of you. And depending how fast he drinks it, he may ask you to do it again in a few months or weeks!

Baseball --How many summer nights in your childhood were spent playing catch with your dad on the street in front of your house? You'd throw and catch until the sun went down and it was too dark to even see the ball. Bringing back this childhood memory will serve as a fantastic Father's Day gift.

Grab a couple of gloves and a ball and ask your dad to play catch with you just like you did years ago. You may not have the same coordination as in the past, but it will be fun nonetheless. And you know what? It's not even the act of throwing and catching that will make this gift memorable -- it's the quality time and conversation you'll have while doing it that he'll remember.

BBQ -- There's something about meat and fire that draws men to the BBQ. Whether it was hamburgers, steak or ribs, your dad probably knows his way around the grill. With this next gift idea, you'll be able to take that passion for BBQ and work it into a memorable gift.

Gather together some ingredients and invite your dad into the kitchen. The two of you will spend the next couple of hours making a variety of BBQ sauces, rubs and seasonings. Doing this yourself is cheaper than buying them from the store and it will also give you and your dad an afternoon together. And, better yet, he'll probably invite you back over when he's using those seasonings on a few steaks or pork chops during the summer.