05/07/2014 08:30 EDT | Updated 07/07/2014 05:59 EDT

Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts That Won't Break the Bank

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"It's the thought that counts." Your mother may have taught you those words when you were growing up because she wanted you to know that the price of a gift is not as important as the feeling behind it.

So, with Mother's Day right around the corner, Consolidated Credit has compiled some great gift ideas that will show your mother how much you care, without causing you to dip into your savings.

A handprint - Nearly every fridge in Canada has proudly displayed a child's painted handprint at some point. Mom's loved this piece of Kindergarten art as it was a constant reminder of their growing boy or girl. So, even though you may be grown up now, why not do it again? Get the whole family together, dip your hands in some multicolour paint, and press them against a piece of paper. Give this gift to mom and tears will fill her eyes as she remembers your childhood.

A mixed CD - This is an old standby that if done right, will bring 70 minutes of enjoyment to your mom. Dig up some old tracks that she really used to like. Find a few songs that she hasn't heard for a while. Some moms aren't always the most technologically savvy so your Internet skills are going to help you find her favourite music that she wouldn't be able to find herself.

A thank you letter - We toss around "thank you" without really putting any meaning behind them. Taking the time to write a detailed letter about the reasons you want to thank your mother will make it a memorable gift. Get specific. Choose a time in your life where your mother's support really helped you. She might not even realize how much that specific incident meant to you, so revealing your true feelings to her will make her day.

Plant a tree - This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Buy a sapling and plant it in an empty spot in your mom's backyard. Your mother will look at it everyday and remember that you gave it to her. If you really want it to be memorable, make it an apple or pear tree. That way, your mom can use the fruit to make delicious pies and jams which both her, and you, can enjoy!

Three simple words - All the gifts you may give your mom are nice, but she really only wants to hear those special words, "I love you." So, try to say it as many times in as many creative ways as possible. Get to her house before she wakes up and slip a note into her newspaper. Spell it out with flower pedals on the front lawn. March down the street with a bullhorn, shouting it for everyone to hear. And finally, look her in the eyes and say it softly.


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