08/28/2013 05:02 EDT | Updated 10/28/2013 05:12 EDT

10 Back-to-Campus Essentials for September

What do you really need for a successful year of college or university, aside from enthusiasm, smarts and inspiration? Text books are an obvious answer, but there are some important basics and creature comforts that should not be overlooked. Read below to see 10 back-to-campus essentials for September!

Find a Reliable Computer! -- If you're looking for a computer that can be used for more than academics, the HP ENVY Rove20 is a good choice. Write essays, email assignments, do research online, and Skype with your classmates for group work. When it's time to get your head out of the books, the touchscreen monitor comes alive for multi-player gaming, watching movies, and more. The HP ENVY 5530 e-All-in-One printer allows you to print hard copies virtually, whether you're at the dorm or in the classroom.

Keep Warm! -- It's a cliché to be a starving student, but you don't have to be a freezing student! A warm jacket is essential to combat the moody Canadian autumn, so check out some of the styles that offers. There are styles that will protect you against rain and cold, and keep you warm and toasty on campus!

Stay Connected -- Paying the bills for both a landline and a cellphone can definitely add up, as a struggling student. Why not eliminate your landline, and use your cellphone as your main phone line? Having a mobile phone on hand is safer when staying late on campus, and allows you to always stay connected by voice, email, social media, and more. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone for a great phone!

Stay Entertained! -- If cable is not in your back-to-campus budget, you can still watch unlimited movies and television series for $7.99 per month on Netflix. Watch from your smartphone, tablet, computer or television...and the first month is free! An entertained student is a happy student!

Be Safe! -- Check out the free YMCA Safety Siren App for Android or iPhone, which turns your phone or tablet into a blaring alarm with a quick tap or shake. It's a good tool to have late nights on campus, to ward off animals or would-be attackers. The app also sends your preset emergency contacts an email with a Google map of your precise location.

Eat Well! -- You need a lot more than a hot cup of coffee to keep your engine going on campus! Pack yourself a nutritious lunch and healthy snacks, which will fuel your body and keep your mind sharp. Foods like sliced carrots, an apple, celery stuffed with cheese, and granola bars are very easy snacks to pack and eat on the go. Purchase a reusable bento box to help organize your meals, and you'll be glad that you did!

Keep Hydrated! -- Many campuses are comprised of old, dry buildings that leave will you with an insatiable thirst. In addition, the distance that it takes to traverse campus from one class to the next will leave you high and "dry." Pack yourself a reusable BPA-free hydration bottle with a lid that seals well, and refill on demand. Purchase at least the 20 oz (590 ml) size bottle to quench your thirst!

Get Moving! -- Studying all day and night can leave your body soft and round, and neglect your muscles. Many campuses have gym memberships that you can purchase for a nominal fee. Plan on taking a swim, running the track, or working out on the elliptical trainer for 3-4 hours each week. If you don't schedule in exercise while you're at school, sadly your body will pay the price.

Find Peace & Tranquility! -- If you've never owned noise-cancelling headphones before, do consider purchasing them this year on campus. Whether you've got a neighbour who blasts his music, or a roommate who snores like a buzz saw, these puppies will definitely be music to your ears!

Buy a Great Backpack! -- A proper backpack is probably one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment on campus. Don't be fooled by the text books you had in high school: university tomes are giant, heavy and numerous! The Adventurer backpack is one of their most popular models, and features a foam back panel to keep your back comfy, and a waist belt to keep your heavy load from shifting. But, if you have the mother load of text books, bring out the big guns and use wheeled airplane carry-on luggage!

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