10/26/2016 11:23 EDT | Updated 10/26/2016 11:30 EDT

I Needed A Lifestyle Change, Not A Diet

Trying to lose weight is hard enough, but being a picky eater AND trying to lose weight is a double whammy. Personally I have always been picky and definitely was never the best eater. Makes sense why I was overweight. I don't eat any red meat (Yes, that means I have never tried a burger or a steak,) I don't eat any salads except caesar which usually is the worst for you, and I don't really like vegetables but have started to include them in my diet.

Having all these dietary restrictions, it made eating bad foods the easy choice. That is all it was though was the easy way out. If I wanted to lose weight, I had to figure out a way to lose weight while still being picky. I know it is not the best or most efficient way, but I can say I lost over half my body weight without eating a salad. I must have done something right. Many dieticians and nutritionists would say thats bad, but I made it work around my rules. Choices were few but I made it work and my nutrient levels were always good.

I went to a bunch of professionals and they would give me diets that include lots of vegetables, lot of salads and stuff that I just wouldn't eat. My mentality was why eat something, if I don't enjoy it? What is the point to that? So as I have done with most of my life decisions, I did it MY way.

I started taking baby steps and making better choices. I cut out a lot of greasy fried foods, and I started eating at home instead of eating out too often. I made little changes to my lifestyle. I didn't overwhelm myself and I never went on a "diet." I just adjusted my eating habits.

A trick is I also always gave into my cravings. If I craved chocolate, I would have a piece of chocolate. If I wanted pizza, I would have a slice or 2. I wouldn't eat the whole pizza for late night munchies like I used to, but I definitely always satisfied my cravings. If you don't satisfy those cravings, they won't go away and you will end up eating more than you would have in the beginning. It is all about moderation.

Everyone knows what healthy choices are and what aren't but we have to make those decisions. Being picky isn't an excuse, you just have to have more of an individualized meal plan that suits you. Personally, I still don't live to eat, I eat to live. That is just me.

Now that I am trying to maintain my weight, I just know it is all about better choices, moderation, and portion control. My body also doesn't feel good when I eat poorly. I have trained my stomach to eat less and eat properly. Also not eating after 8 pm, and never getting to the point of feeling hungry. I try to eat small meals more often. Sometimes I have small snacks like an apple with a little peanut butter. I find it satisfying and a healthier choice.

In no means am I a nutritionist or a dietician but I do know what worked for me to lose over 100 pounds. Picky eating was an excuse for me for so long, but I figured out a way to adapt a healthy diet by making easy little changes to my eating habits. Making smaller better choices, and baby steps. I had to do it my way. It was a lifestyle change, not a diet.

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