02/08/2017 08:50 EST | Updated 02/08/2017 08:50 EST

Trolling On Social Media

Photo Cred: Karolina Grabowska

The term "trolling" in today's generation refers to complete strangers writing offensive online posts with the purpose of getting a reaction. Public figures such as celebrities and people who are active on social media experience this daily. There are many trolls or haters out there in this world who believe they can talk negatively about someone just because they have something to say. Most of these trolls have low self-esteem, and are hiding behind a screen. They would never be mean in person but through technology they think they are entitled to say whatever they want.

This past weekend was the 51st NFL Superbowl and personally I was looking forward to the halftime show to see Lady Gaga perform. Her performance was amazing and she looked fantastic. I looked at my phone right after to check what twitter had to say about the performance. To my shock instead of praising her for an amazing performance, trolls from around the world were insulting her "flabby" stomach and commenting on her lack of a 6 pack.

Lady Gaga just flew from the roof of the stadium and did acrobatics and danced brilliantly and these trolls like to highlight she didn't have the perfect body. Who cares? Most normal people don't have a 6 pack. I bet you these trolls who started it don't so they shouldn't be giving Lady Gaga, who has an excellent body and who is in great shape any slack about not having a flat stomach.

Celebrities aren't the only ones who get trolled. A few months ago I posted a video on Instagram of me doing a back squat. I was so proud of myself because the weight that I was squatting was a personal best. That night my phone was going off the hook. I had about 100 trolls who I have never met before, who knew nothing about how far I've gotten with my body or anything about my transformation at all, commenting on my video. They were criticizing every aspect of my squat. Some of the comments were so offensive. One user was so rude, going as far as writing offensive religious remarks against me.

My parents always taught me from a young age that if I have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Social media can be a very useful tool but can also be very dangerous too. There are mean people in this world and people who think they can say whatever they want. You have to be confident and know that these trolls who are hiding behind their phone saying mean things, have low self-esteem and are basically losers. It is a form of bullying which is completely unacceptable.

This world needs more peace and love. People need to stop using social media to bully one another or criticize them. Whether it is a Hollywood celebrity or a politician or a normal girl from Toronto, Canada, people need to think before they comment or post.

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