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A Head Hunter Shares 8 Blunt Reasons Why No One Is Hiring You

Man holding his curriculum vitae and classified ads by help wanted sign.

If you are looking for work, you need to stop blaming everything around you.

Stop blaming recruiters, stop blaming the economy, stop blaming the weather, stop blaming everything and everyone except yourself.

As a headhunter, I call people who are sitting at their desk already working, and as a recruiter, I get resumes and emails from people seeking employment. The difference between the two is extraordinary.

If you are looking for work and wondering why no one is calling or emailing you back, here are the real reasons you aren't getting a job.

You Have ZERO Self-Confidence:

We can hear it in your voice in the first three seconds if you are looking for work. You are talking slow, with zero self confidence. I can sometimes hear it in the way you actually say "Hello"!

You Are Too Negative:

You have been sending resumes for the past two years and it's everyone's fault you haven't gotten a job. You were offered a job that's not exactly in your field, and you are angry to have even been considered. You were offered temp work, but you want full-time, permanent work. How dare they?!

You 're Too Rude And Obnoxious:

Everything I say and do is held against me. Even if I don't have your resume on file or I don't know exactly who you are, I am supposed to help you because it's your g-d given right. You demand meetings even though we have nothing to offer you, and it's my fault another agency didn't offer you a career because you are an accountant calling a company that focuses on sales jobs.

You Are Inconsistent:

Your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your references and your story do not add up. You can't be at three places in 2012, or have been "let go" in 2014 while also claiming to have quit.

You Aren't Careful:

I don't care if I am "just a recruiter." If you are writing me an email or a message on LinkedIn or Facebook, DO NOT HAVE TYPOS. DO NOT WRITE IN ACRONYMS! I am NOT your friend! I am your business associate, and I want to represent the best of the best. I don't care if no one said anything to you before -- maybe, just maybe, that's why you are still looking for work.

You Are Not Following Directions:

If a company or recruiter writes "submit cover letter and resume to" or "Do not submit cover letter, just resume to..." then FOLLOW THE RULES! If you do not follow the directions you will not get a call or email back. Read carefully. If you can't submit your resume properly, how will you submit a proposal properly?

You Are Over- Or Under-Qualified:

Yes, it's possible that you are over- or under-qualified for a job. Yes, it sucks, and yes, it's hard to break down a door when there's a security guard watching it, but it is what it is and we will not present you to clients if you do not fit. It's just not happening. Just because you are out of a job doesn't mean I want to be out of one also. We need to ensure our clients see the candidates that best match their needs.

You Do Not Fit The Career Or The Culture:

I want you to find a job, and even more than that, I want to help you get there. But if you do not fit in because of your qualifications or personality, there is nothing I can do but hold your resume on file until something turns up that matches you and your background. I do believe there is a company for everyone, but some people just have to wait longer to find it.

Jessica Glazer is the Recruitment Director/Founder of -- a head-hunting and resume-writing agency. She can also be heard on Montreal's NewsTalk Radio CJAD and seen on BTMontreal and Global television speaking about employment related issues.


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