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How To Deal With Your Fear Of Being Fired

If no one has talked to you, book a meeting with your supervisor.

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We spend more hours at work then we do anywhere else. Currently the unemployment rate in Canada is the lowest it has been since 2008, but that does not mean all employees are safe. Work and anxiety often go hand in hand.

What employees don't realize is that as much as they fear being fired, employers hate firing. It is much easier and cheaper to keep someone on board then to go through an entire hiring process. It is time consuming and draining financially and mentally.

So, if you are concerned about being fired and no one has spoken to you, book a meeting with your superior to find out how you are performing and where you have or can improve. In the meeting, figure out your goals for the year and your five-year plan within the organization. This will right away boost your confidence regarding where you stand.

The bigger an asset you become to an organization, the less likely they are to fire you.

Do not take negative feedback personally. Remember, the company does want you there or else they would have fired you already. So go in early and take any feedback as constructive — it will help you grow in your career and within the company. Use their words to make yourself a stronger asset within the organization.

Keep your skill set fresh. Refresh it through different courses. It is September, so now is the best time to look at what is out there.

Book lunches with colleagues. People like to work with people. They keep members of the team that are like family. They hire people they want to work with day in and day out. If you fit in as part of the team, it will be harder for them to let you go and you will feel part of something and more engaged.

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Think positively. It is possible your negative attitude regarding working longer hours, an annoying client, the changing weather or something at home is reflecting your work, which is lowering your self-esteem. Think positive thoughts and remember everything is a phase. Once you change your mindset, the world around you will change as well.

Follow up regarding your progression. Ensure you are meeting targets and expectations. Communication and staying on top of your work will keep you on top of your game and the company roster and remain confident.

Your job may not be on the line but if you fear it is, your fear may come true.

The bigger an asset you become to an organization, the less likely they are to fire you.

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