02/09/2016 10:10 EST | Updated 02/09/2017 05:12 EST

I Am Not Sorry, I Am Judging You

closeup portrait young annoyed...
closeup portrait young annoyed...

I am an employee, an employer, a mother, a father, a son, a daughter, a wife, a husband, a friend, a gym-goer, a family man and everywhere I go... I am judging you.

I am judging the way you talk to your kids.

I am judging the way you send them to school.

I am judging the way you treat your husband/wife/boyfriend and/or girlfriend

I am judging the way you nurse in public.

I am judging the way you drive.

I am judging the way you conduct yourself in public.

I am judging the way you order at a restaurant or take-out counter.

I am judging the way you look at your phone when you drive.

I am judging the fact you smoke in your car with your kids or that you leave them unattended "for just a second".

I am judging you.

I am not judging you because I am better than you. I am judging you because in the world, before social media, there was a right and wrong mixed in with a bit of grey but there were clear differences.

It's not OK to call your kids names that give a negative connotation like: monster, hurricane or little trouble maker. These are not cute, they are mean and a self-fulfilling prophecy you will later on regret.

I am judging you when you squeeze your child as you get upset. Yell at them if you must, but DO NOT touch them!! They are precious, innocent and beautiful. As you tell your children, I will tell you; "Keep your hands to yourself!"

It's not OK to let them run rampant in a restaurant where others are dining. If they are screaming then it is your responsibility to take them out of the restaurant. If you cannot control them, I am not sorry, do not take them out to eat, consider ordering in food. This will make for a better experience for everyone, including you.

I am judging you if it is the first thing in the morning and your kid is constantly sent to school in dirty clothes. Get your act together and clean/wash their outfit! You are setting them up for failure and ridicule. It is not fair to them and it is your fault, not theirs.

I am judging you if you are barking orders at your partner. That person is not your slave. Their role is to help you, support you and guide you. There was a time, before stress, when you were loving and kind, which is why you are together. Get back to that. Your life will be better.

I am judging you if you are nursing in public with your boob completely exposed. This has nothing to do with feeding your child; it has to do with your body, which yes is sexual, being exposed. No one needs to see it. This is a private moment you are sharing with your child in a public space. You want to nurse, you don't want to give a bottle, that is your choice... but if other people do not want to see your body exposed respect that, as you want to be respected. Public areas are exactly that, public. It goes both ways.

I am judging you if you are ordering your food in a disrespectful manner. You have no right to be rude to staff. Everyone has stress and annoyances and everyone has the right to earn a dollar, so give them one on your way out the door. They deserve it. If nothing else, at least give a smile. As slow or fast as they might be, they are in fact still making your life easier.

I am judging you when I see your kids can't breathe as you are smoking in your car or leaving them unattended. How many people are praying to have children but can't? Love your children always. That means that their lives are worth more than second hand smoke or a "one second" risk... travesty could occur in that millisecond which will change your life forever. Remember that.

I am judging you, when you are driving. Put your phone down. Look at the road. That text can wait. I know you have heard it and read it a thousand time... but hear it again because YOU could kill someone or injure yourself or someone else extremely badly by looking down at your phone for even a second.

So yes, I am judging you.

I am judging you not because I am better then you but because we are all in it together and I think you can use a reminder that you are being watched and what you are doing is not OK.

There is no person who is perfect, but if we want to make the world a better place, we better start with ourselves.