11/09/2015 12:34 EST | Updated 11/09/2016 05:12 EST

Hiring A Veteran Will Be The Best Business Decision You Make

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Young man with split careers

Companies often want to hire people whose past experience precisely matches the description of the position they are hiring for. Unfortunately, hiring managers tend to overlook military veterans because they may believe that their skills aren't transferable. Some may even cite a host of other fears like post-traumatic stress syndrome, the possibility of deployment, or a belief that a veteran just won't fit a company's culture.

Our veterans deserve more then those lame excuses. Once these veterans have decided to hang up the uniform after years of service they are ready to take the leap the corporate world, and here is why:

They Accept Starting Over:

They realize that what they have learned is different then what they will learn, so they will start from the bottom to work their way up.

They Are Older And Wiser:

Some military vets have seen more in their lifetime then we ever will. A 21-year-old who has served in the army is more mature in nature then that student who just finished university in their hometown or abroad. The two employees' maturity levels are just not comparable. To the university grad, the buzzwords teamwork, leadership, loyalty and attention to detail are just that -- buzz words. To the military vet, it's what defines them. You would never find a vet leave a project or team member, because that is not how they were trained.

They Stick With The Plan When Necessary:

They just "get it." They may not have the key words you are looking for in your search for the perfect candidate, but they have been put in situations where there were plans and those plans had to be changed for survival purposes. If you think they won't know how to change a project when they knew how to change a mission, you are wrong.

They Are Leaders And Followers:

They know when to lead and they know when to follow. They will be abrupt at times but as a general rule they also know when to shut their mouth. Being a leader and a follower is ingrained in the military from day one, so when interviewing them ask they what they did, how they did it and why they did it. You will receive detailed answers regarding how their skills are transferable to your job.

They Are Easy To Train:

They have been trained to think, walk and talk a certain way. They learned it once, they can learn it again. You can teach old dogs new tricks. These "kids" are young and willing to learn. What they have learned can not be taught in a book. They want a job, and it's our job to give them one.

They Look The Part:

These guys and gals are clean cut, well-dressed individuals. They will never dare come to your office in inappropriate attire.

They Learned Respect and Focus:

Millennials and the generations before them have gotten a reputation for a lack of respect. The army teaches respect and focus. You will not find them checking their phone every 10 minutes -- it's just not part of their culture.

Tax Credit:

Many countries offer tax credits when hiring a veteran. You get a great employee, save money and have less financial risk when hiring a veteran.

They Will Not Go Back:

Once they have made the decision to come back "home," if they have been "home" for more than six months, they will not go back to the army. They have been treated and tested for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), so you don't have worry about their mental well-being as when they say they are done and ready, they are done and ready.

They served the country that has provided you the freedom to sit at your desk in your comfy chair at the office. It's time for the country and your company to give back.


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