12/07/2014 01:24 EST | Updated 02/05/2015 05:59 EST

DIY Ideas That Will Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Wedding

Tanja Lippert

Luxury doesn't mean a wedding should be void of any personal touches in favour of a grandiose theme or setting. And DIY doesn't have to mean a crafter's dream, it can mean small personal touches in your plans for the big day. In fact, what will make a wedding memorable for guests is if you are able to weave in those personal touches -- dare we say luxe DIY -- to enhance the luxurious surroundings to create an experience that guests will remember for years to come.

Luxury is accompanied by the feeling of experiencing detail that touches on all of the senses. Luxe DIY details add a sweet touch amongst even the most elaborate weddings that make the day memorable on many levels. It's important not to limit your definition of DIY to craft projects. DIY is linked to both the bride and groom and the love story.

Here are five ways to expand your thoughts on DIY while adding a touch of luxury to your wedding with personal flare:

  1. Select a meaningful location. Choosing an unexpected location that has meaning to you as a couple will allow you to share your story with your guests. Perhaps it's the place where he proposed, or maybe it's your favourite location because it has so much character. A wedding planner can help make the vision come alive through styling, layout, and design.
  2. Use nature as a backdrop. Outdoor weddings or venues with large windows overlooking a gorgeous landscape or view can be an amazing detail on your day. Hanging paper lanterns to highlight a garden for the ceremony space is a way to let nature do the DIY. If you want to delve more into a personal project, personalize two lanterns near the end of the aisle to represent the happy couple.
  3. Personalize wedding party gifts. Your wedding party is usually selected because they are close to the couple in some way. Use the personal knowledge and connection to make each gift special. For example, you could source out vintage handkerchiefs for your wedding party. They can fit the wedding theme, and they can also be selected to fit each individual personality. Include a handwritten card as to why you chose that handkerchief.
  4. Personalize accessories. Keep the memory of loved ones who have passed close to you by attaching a locket with their pictures in it to your already gorgeous bouquet. Or you could turn a vintage necklace from your mother's or grandmother's jewellery into a hair accessory. It's your something old incorporated in a great way!
  5. Spice up the guest book. Play to everyone's love of the selfie. On your flawlessly organized reception table, have your guest book and a Polaroid camera. When guests arrive, they can snap a selfie, attach it to the guest book, and write a personal note next to the picture. While you should have a sign with instructions on it, it's probably best to have someone minding the reception table in case there are any questions.

It is all about creating a larger than life luxury experience for guests and the couple. No one said you can't push things over the edge with a few personal touches of luxe DIY elegance.


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