09/05/2012 10:49 EDT | Updated 11/05/2012 05:12 EST

Post-Shooting, Let's Forget Politics


Like many of you I was watching Pauline Marois' victory speech last night on CBC when suddenly -- we all know what happened; a tragic event that left us all speechless. Especially when you pratically see it unfold right before your eyes, or at least you learn the details about it at the same time as millions of other Quebecers also glued to their televisions, at the same time as the policemen on the street, as well as the militants in the room.

For a couple of minutes, all of Quebec's heart stopped beating.

We then heard what he said and many were quick to jump to conclusions and theories explaining this horrible act.

This is the moment where one needs to pause, not the moment to start pointing fingers at whomever or whatever. It is the moment where we must stop, take a step back from the electoral fervor, forget our political and historic baggage to mourn the death of an innocent man who was only doing his job, who wasn't even there for a political rally, but simply to earn a living.

I am not writing this to explain the unexplainable, I am writing this to ask for the people of Quebec's discernment and especially it's compassion. We cannot let this event divide us, we cannot let this man be right. Let us do the opposite, I beg you.

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