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'Big Brother Canada' Season 2, Week 5 Recap: Power Shift

The First Five's "reign" of terror on 'Big Brother Canada' is finally over, thanks to Canada's nominations. It's hard to top last week's paper shredder eviction episode masterpiece, but drama and endless histrionics make for another solid bow.

**NOTE: This recap contains spoilers. Please do not read on unless you want to find out what happened on "Big Brother Canada"!**

"Arguably, if it wasn't for the twist, you would be in the house right now!"

Nice one, Arisa. Yes, the First Five's "reign" of terror on "Big Brother Canada" is finally over, thanks to Canada's nominations. It's hard to top last week's paper shredder eviction episode masterpiece, but suddenly-sad sack Andrew's 7-2 elimination and Sabrina's endless histrionics make for another solid bow.

After the Veto ceremony, the nominations are final, and "best friends" Sabrina and Andrew vow not to campaign against each other. But, of course, the raven-haired Laval, Que. power-crier quickly summons Neda in the bathroom.

"Andrew and I are best friends," says Neda, in the diary room, as she recounts her meeting and Sabrina's manipulation attempt. "I'm not campaigning, but how are you voting?" Sigh.

As Sabrina makes her rounds through the house, getting "guarantees" from Jon, and even Andrew's cringemance partner Allison, she says, tearfully, "Allison, we have to watch out for each other, OK? There's f**king snakes in this place. Venomous ones."

Pot, meet kettle.

"She's a liar," says Jon. "[Sabrina] lies to everyone. Nobody should believe anything that comes out of her mouth."

Andrew, on the other hand, accepted the end of his reality TV show fate, saying, "I would never campaign against her."

"I just can't do it. I'm not doing this to be righteous."

But, to any keen "Big Brother Canada" viewer, he's doing exactly that. Looking to gain favour with Canadian viewers, who clearly showed distaste in his villainous gameplay, Andrew makes his sacrifice known, to both curry favour, and spend more time forming a "bond" and "holding hands" with Allison.

The houseguests are also treated to a "Big Brother" camping trip, full of beer, s'mores, and all the fixings. While outside, Kenny "flirts" with Rachelle, if only to ask her about what she thinks of Arlie, who she calls him a "male Heather," and says, "Sometimes I forget he's here!"

Which, actually, brings up a good question -- what's the deal with Arlie?

On Sunday's episode, after learning Canada would serve as HoH, the audience was shown his storage room soliloquy on his soon-to-be dominant "strategy." Then, there's his supposed non-First Five final three alliance with Jon and Adel, or Jon and Neda, depending on who you ask. And last night, Arlie pseudo-threatens the diary room, saying Canada's nominations allow him to, "Come out of the shadows and do what I've wanted to do all game!" But, aside from head-shaving and naked sprints through the house, Arlie has yet to show any influential chess moves in the game, and appears to be all talk. Plus, his blatantly obvious competition throwing is an insult to the finesse of the one and only Dr. Will Kirby. Still, Arlie does out Allison's horrible gameplay during the mug shot study session, so maybe he's just playing his cards close to his chest ... hair.

Somebody who's finally showing his hand? Kenny. The bearded model comes out to Sarah as simply as he can. As she starts to talk about how she feels bad about Andrew's pending eviction, Kenny simply says, "So, I'm gay." Sarah replies, "I, literally, am stunned." She immediately accepts him, of course, as he begins to cry. [Ed. Note: Anyone else think they spent a lot of time on this? After all, it is 2014.]

Emotional, yes, but as Kenny breaks down in the diary room, saying, "This is the first time I've hidden who I am, and I don't want people to watch this and do the same," Sarah quickly realizes this is more than just a personal reveal. She sees Kenny's bombshell reveal as a way to better ally himself with her, and strengthen their bond, but warns, "I'm worried that if they find out he's been lying, it'll put a bigger target on his back."

During the mug shot Q & A HoH competition, Kenny's target is on display from the start. Kenny wins the first elimination round, and gets rid of Adel, before Neda quickly dumps him from the podium as she answers the next question. Though plagued by dead air, with Kenny, Sabrina, and Allison all removed from the HoH challenge, it's fair to say the First Five-Minus-One's power is finally out of their grasp.

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