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'Big Brother Canada' Season 2, Week 6 Recap: Double Eviction

Double your eviction, double your fun! Well, that's the case for the six-pack 'Sloppy Seconds' alliance spearheaded by Neda and Jon, who get exactly what they want.

**NOTE: This recap contains spoilers. Please do not read on unless you want to find out what happened on "Big Brother Canada"!**

Double your "Big Brother Canada" eviction, double your fun! Well, that's the case for the six-pack "Sloppy Seconds" alliance spearheaded by Neda and Jon, who get exactly what they want.

Narrowly escaping danger with his eight-letter spelling Veto win, Kenny, at the start of the episode, takes himself off the block, and says he "knew Sarah would be the replacement [nominee]." But by episode's end, he, too, would be bidding adieu to the house.

"The person I love the most is in danger of going home," says Kenny.

Sarah, at the time, is clearly a dead woman walking. She meekly approaches former First Five member Arlie to try and make a deal. Arlie takes this opportunity to brush his teeth and not remove his toothbrush from his mouth, and mumbles, "Yeah, I'm going with them, unfortunately. I obviously feel like f**king trash."

He follows with, "Are you going to give me a hug?"

What a mouthful.

Across the house, Allison also comes clean to Sabrina, telling her, "The only way I stay is if I switch." Sabrina quickly starts tossing allegations at Allison, and her now-trademark tears are right on queue.

Thankfully, with two houseguests getting the boot in one hour, Sarah's predictable 4-3 exit prelude only lasts 10 minutes, and neatly wraps up each storyline. Kenny even admits to the house, "F**k it, I'm gay!" This late reveal, naturally, gets alliance-mate (and flirt recipient) Rachelle in a tizzy, and she vows to "keep her eye on him, now." Sure.

Meanwhile, we also see a two-minute montage of a sneaky Neda sabotaging the house's condiments (sugar, ketchup, mustard and syrup) to weaken Kenny in the upcoming challenges.

"Right on!" says alliance-mate Jon, who catches Neda red-handed. "The less condiments they have, the less slop they eat."

"I underestimated Neda. She's a bad girl."

"I thrive during chaos," says Neda. "This is what I do."

And it's exactly what she does in the knockout less-or-more HoH challenge, eliminating Kenny from the competition for the second HoH event in a row, even though, back in Week 2, he took Neda off the block with the POV. Neda wins HoH, and swiftly nominates Rachelle and Sabrina for eviction, with an aim, to, naturally, back-door Kenny. (A common "Big Brother" expression re: nominating and subsequently eliminating a contestant after they do not compete for the Veto.)

A cheeky "Big Brother Canada" presents the challenge -- Dumpster Diving for Day-Old Donuts -- with the names of the "First Five" evicted houseguests. Clever, indeed. After hustling through the challenge, Arlie wins, promptly takes Rachelle off the block, and puts Kenny up in his place. Soon, Kenny leaves the house, and Arisa tells him he, "looked sadder when Sarah was eliminated," which appears to be the case.

Now what? The Sloppy Seconds alliance of Jon, Adel, Neda, Arlie, Allison and Heather remains, as does the Gremlin twosome; Sabrina and Rachelle. The best move for Jon and Neda would be to grab the loyal Adel or Heather, and join forces with the desperate duo to eliminate the extra members of their alliance. This would protect them when the house narrows down to six houseguests, who could all be from their "cemented" alliance of 6. Why not eliminate an Allison or an Arlie-type now? Both have proven themselves to be rather opportunistic and untrustworthy, which is exactly what Jon, Neda, Adel and Heather should watch out for: not-so-strong players with no attachments, and nothing to lose.

But, of course, this all depends on which side wins the power this week. After all, it's Allison's last week to use her "special" (and secret) PoV, so anything could happen.

That being said, I'm calling it now: expect Arlie to either be evicted in the next two weeks, or make it all the way to the Final Two. What a weasel! Plus, we now know that Kenny won't be on the jury. With eight players remaining, does that mean we're in for a final two, with a six-person jury, and Canada also voting for the winner?

This week's real winner, though, has to be Arisa Cox's stylist. Following weeks of unflattering neon Lisa Frank-on-crack creations, last night's silver-and-chrome Maje dragon dress finally brought home a fashion win.

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