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'Big Brother Canada' Season 2, Week 7 Recap: Heating Up

"Given the chance to actually compete, I would crush them." Except, Arlie, your "epic" gameplay claims are full of hot air -- much like Neda's nearly-deflated balloon she created in your image.

**NOTE: This recap contains spoilers. Please do not read on unless you want to find out what happened on "Big Brother Canada"!**

"Given the chance to actually compete, I would crush them."

Except, Arlie, your "epic" gameplay claims are full of hot air -- much like Neda's nearly-deflated balloon she created in your image.

After a bonkers week on "Big Brother Canada," including the use of two Vetoes, and, of course, lots of alcohol, Arlie leaves the house unanimously by a vote of 5-0. Strategic genius, indeed. Only somebody keenly in-tune with the rest of the players in the house would choose to have integral scheming conversations with a toothbrush in his mouth. Twice.

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Kudos to Jon for making a "big move," changing his nominations, and splitting the short-lived "Sloppy Seconds" alliance. Jon, thanks to Neda, understood the importance of eliminating another physical threat as soon as he could. Let's not forget that if it wasn't for Canada's reign as HoH two weeks ago, the fragile "First Five" would likely still be part of the game, at least in some capacity. Sabrina even voted with a "First Five" symbol, showing the country she's the surviving member of her brainchild. Yes, this elimination shakeup marks the first time a player-in-control actively made a bold power move this season, without a looming double eviction.

However, the impact of this change makes it an even greater shame that Thursday's episode wasted time on a bogus, boring-to-viewers shill for "Top Chef Canada." Where was the fallout from the use of Allison's secret "butt" Veto? Where was Arlie's begging? The scrambling? Why didn't we see more of the self-proclaimed "Gremlins" celebrating after being taken off the block? Nothing is cheaper (and more of an audience turn-off) than a pitch for a reality show within another reality show.

Another five minutes of Sabrina and Rachelle cheering like buffoons? Yes, please.

"I will never put up Allison, and neither will Rachelle," says Sabrina.

"Well..." says Rachelle, as she begins to trail off in their joint-diary room session.

"Yeah. For now."

Also, thanks to the "funny" montage, at least the contestants now know Rachelle urinated in the hot tub intentionally. How much longer until a "Gremlin" spinoff? Is "Talking with Talla" first in the queue? It should be.

Well, we're hinging on Sabrina as a possible Final Three pick. Allison's now a lazy power-floater, who says, "I don't really want to pick sides. I really don't want to move." What a bore. Plus, Neda and Jon are back-to-back HoH winners, not unlike Emmett and Jillian, but Adel and Heather are along for the ride. Meanwhile, Rachelle's a known endurance threat and physical target, which leaves Sabrina as the sole outlier, and flexible extra vote. Sure, she's still the most paranoid person in the house, and never stops jabbering, but without an alliance to supposedly "control," she has nothing to lose, and no one to please. Also not a challenge threat, Sabrina remains the best candidate for Jon or Neda to bring along to the end. Besides, who else would say, "Ah, f**k!" on live TV, during an HoH competition?

Neda clearly has a plan for the endgame, even though she literally kissed Arlie's butt. In her goodbye message to Arlie, she says, "I called it from Day 1 how sketchy you are, and now that I have absolutely no use for you, I have to get you out." She even identifies Allison as a clueless non-entity, saying, "The first opportunity I get, I want [her] out of this house."

It's obvious Neda's mental strength is a tremendous asset to her game. She memorized her way to a win in the heritage treasure chest HoH challenge, and, from the looks of things, Allison's days (finally!) are numbered.

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