12/01/2015 11:02 EST | Updated 12/01/2016 05:12 EST

5 Questions Special Needs Parents Should Ask Before Buying A Mattress

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Close-up of a quality mattress.

Ah, sleep. What special needs parents, or really any parent, has not at one time or another craved this elusive entity? From the time our children are born, they are very much a responsibility, including in the nocturnal hours.

As they get older, sometimes parents catch a break in this regard. Some babies begin sleeping the night by as early as six months old. Some take a lot longer than that to learn to sleep the night though, especially if they have special needs like autism or other neuro-developmental issues. A good night's sleep for these parents can often be a long sought-after fantasy. They fuel themselves with coffee to keep going, but eventually sleep deprivation will wear down even the most cheerful.

Once sleep issues are resolved, (or at least as good as they will get), it is then that parents crash and start trying to catch up on their rest. Most of them are so sleep deprived though, that they don't think about the quality of their slumber which is affected by the mattress they sleep on. Maybe it's their child who could use the new mattress? But then again who has the time and money to go out and buy one, especially if they are saving it all up for therapy for their kids, or respite services to get a break for themselves? Then of course, there are the many other expenses that having any child entails.

But let's say parents decide that it is time for that new mattress purchase for themselves, their child or even both of them. It's worth the money and time. But it can be daunting or near impossible to go into a mattress store, any store, with their special needs child. And going without their child, requires getting a babysitter, not something that is easy to find or pay for sometimes. But in today's day and age of online shopping you can solve this problem by purchasing your mattress online.

As time is money though, you of course want to know you are getting quality for what you spend. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself about buying the perfect mattress for you or your child's sleep needs:

1.How much experience does the company have making mattresses? This would be prominently featured on a reputable company's website.

2. Quick and easy delivery to you: This would be in the FAQ section.

3.Testing of materials to see if mattress is comfortable? This would be mentioned in the company's home page.

4.Sizes of mattresses and fit for bedrooms? This would be in the FAQ section as well.

5.Are the beds chemical free? Yes! And this is wonderful to know for special needs parents whose families may have allergies and skin sensitivities. You will really have a great night's sleep if allergies or skin irritations are not waking you up.

All in all, if special needs parents are looking to get a good night's sleep for themselves and their child, it pays to invest in a good mattress. Nothing can replace a good night's sleep, and with a comfortable mattress parents and their child/ren is well on their way to claiming back that elusive nocturnal friend, rest.


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