01/16/2012 02:05 EST | Updated 03/16/2012 05:12 EDT

God Save Our Queen!


With respect to those who suggest we henceforth do without the British Monarchy, there wouldn't be a Canada without the British Monarchy. This trumps everything as regards this debate.

"Propter eos autem."

Is this the way to show ourselves properly grateful to those who at first allowed us, then protected us, later promoted us and then freely and willingly gave us our independence -- with no revolution necessary Historically speaking, how common is that?

I'm not saying this arcane debate shouldn't occur. Rather, such debate is fitting for hallowed universities of sterling reputation and in the properly respectful and hushed tones reserved for impeccably credentialed constitutional professors.

I'm certain a debate on the subject between such distinguished profs would result in the following joint statement being issued: "We would show ourselves ungrateful in the extreme were we to cast off our historic promoters, protectors, and guarantors of nationhood." Harrumph!

The question then, is this: With the limited time MP's have available to them while the House of Commons is in session, should they spend time on removing the British monarchy from Canada's Constitution or should we have them spend time on the following?

Jobs, Attawapiskat, the health and well-being of citizens, the economy, world peace concomitant with our country's peace-keeping efforts around the globe, rebuilding our tattered transportation infrastructure -- you may recall recent media reports about the condition of the Champlain Bridge for just one example -- and the military defence of our sovereign territory. Other pressing, important matters also await the government's attention.

All of the things above are more important than taking time out of our MP's schedules to disrespect the British Monarchy and the very ideals of our democracy.

We have real problems in Canada at the moment -- and the British Monarchy isn't one of them.

"A-riding in a storm-toss'd ship, 'tis not the time to inspect the maker's frescoes."

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