12/15/2013 08:07 EST | Updated 02/14/2014 05:59 EST

It's Time to Inspire With Sport

When athletes retire, or take time away from their sport I rarely take notice. I truly believe that celebrities and pro athletes are just like regular folks. That being said, every once in a while, an athlete retires that has actually benefited the general public.

Georges St-Pierre is one of them.

Now Georges St-Pierre didn't technically retire on Friday December 13, 2013. He is stepping away from the spotlight. This will make him, in my opinion the most useful athlete in Canada to fight against the unhealthy lifestyles we have created.

The Nation is in a bad place physically, and we need inspiration. Everyone around Georges St-Pierre talk about his work ethic, dedication, and constant drive to learn and better himself. That's the kind of inspiration we need.

I have long been trying to get people to incorporate martial arts, or sport into their life. There is nothing as fulfilling as the mastery of a skill. I'm starting a new video blog as I get back to training regularly with Kickboxing and MMA again. It's putting a reason, and challenge back into my life. I've never stopped exercising, I just honestly lose the urge to push my limits from time to time. It's why I book photo shoots, or vacations, or in the case of this project, it is why I look to find new challenges in my life. I never want to get bored or lose the reason to be physically active.

The competition aspect of MMA is not healthy. Ask Georges, he'll tell you how much it hurt mentally and physically getting in to that cage. The reason I think GSP is going to be a positive influence now? He can talk about the workouts, nutrition, and the challenge of perfecting his Martial Arts. Georges can continue to encourage people through his Rush Fit program. It's the best part about Georges career. He seems to genuinely care about health and fitness. Not only that, but GSP had the best coaches around him. He knows how to be physically successful.

It doesn't matter the sport. Whether it's football, soccer, hockey, MMA, or fitness modelling. The competition days are the part of the sport that represents the most danger. To the athlete, it represents bringing together ever single moment of the process leading up to the event. To doctors, and regular people, it represents the chance to fail or get injured.

The proper set up of programming, teaching of the correct form and monitoring diet with science makes for the success in each sport. The day of competition puts the athlete at risk. Due to contact, dehydration, or factors in the environment. But that's just competition day. The effort leading up to that day, that's a great way to get healthy. It's a great way to stay motivated, and focused on health.

You will see me talking a lot more about different sports and their competitors. What makes champions, and what you can take away from that. The amount of sports fans out there is staggering, it's time to use the social media to show off what their heroes do, and encourage fans to try the training side of it. It's time to inspire with sport.

In the case of Georges St. Pierre, his workouts and nutrition are available, and they are put out to the public in a way that anyone can get inspired and try. My goal is to do the same thing. Work with Pro Fighters, I want to inspire more circuits and kickboxing in workouts. Or work with Pro Fitness models to show the dedication to diet it takes to actually take fat off the body. The goal is to also work with Pro Football Players and Hockey Players to bring the fun back to daily exercise. Where ever there is a chance to inspire with sport, I want to be there.

I want to live in a Country where we are all fit enough to make memories and doing it to stay out of the Hospital.

So with a legend taking time away from the cage, take this from Georges St-Pierre's career. You can take tips and tricks from any pro athlete to build a better body and have fun in your workouts. Find a way to challenge yourself. With wisdom, push your body to new limits. You don't have to be a pro athlete, or have the goal to compete. You should have a reason to go and be fit. Your health, making memories, and avoiding the hospital require you to find that motivation to be active. Not at a pro level, but at your best.

You need to go have fun. That's why athletes should be role models. Not the cars, houses, or fame. They are healthy, and always looking to better themselves physically. They get paid to play, and stay in shape. So turn on TSN get inspired, then get active. Your better body is waiting.

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