06/19/2015 05:19 EDT | Updated 06/19/2016 05:59 EDT

4 Great Father's Day Gift Ideas to Keep Your Dad Healthy

This week is #MensHealthWeek, you'll see it around the social media scene a lot. The idea being that it all culminates on Father's day with men getting motivated to do small things to take care of their health. Your health matters, not your weight. Your activity level matters, not the gym.

This week is #MensHealthWeek, you'll see it around the social media scene a lot. The idea being that it all culminates on Father's day with men getting motivated to do small things to take care of their health.

If you missed my write up on the very terrible numbers men have posted in regards to personal health, I ask that you read it, share it and let's tackle this problem head on.

What it boils down to is our lifestyles need a bit of tweaking. It's not total overhauls that don't stick, or diets that are started simple to get weight down.

Your health matters, not your weight. Your activity level matters, not the gym.

With that in mind, I've compiled a list of things that are a must in the gift department for Father's day.

1. The Technology Field.

Check out the FitBit and the Apple Watch, they reign supreme this year for "must haves." The FitBit's price point means a lot more people can get involved with it. However, as a personal trainer, and as someone in workplaces changing the corporate wellness culture, the iWatch is my dream come true. The apps, the interactive nature, and the fact that Apple is going to spend the next few years making it better and better, well, I couldn't be more excited.

FitBit covers steps, calories and sleep. Those are your basics, and if you are getting started in health and just need a little motivation, it's good start. Apple Watch does that and more. Plus the iWatch allows trainers and corporate wellness team members to get actual data on people. Data that proves ROI on the watch, and your corporate program. You can change your workplace weight loss competitions into actual health challenges. The data is easy to share, and weight is a factor that you don't even need to include. Weight loss just happens when you live healthy. For professionals like myself who get paid to consult with companies, the full spectrum of data the iWatch collects allows me to communicate with decision makers on actual changes in health markers. I can prove we are making a difference now.

The FitBit is an awesome entry level and is worth every penny for dad's health. The iWatch is on another level of detailed analysis of health and encouragement to make changes. Neither will disappoint the tech savvy dad.

2. Clothing.

Check out Mondetta's line of active living wear. If we want our dads to simply be active, then they need to be able to walk up the stairs, run across the street or down the block and not worry about wrecking their wardrobe, or changing clothes all the time. They need to stay stylish for the office, but be able to do all the simple active living things. That's the change in corporate culture.

Mondetta Performance Gear, MPG have brought that to the market for both male and females looking to do the simple things daily. For men, MPG is cornering that market on comfort and function. The colors and styles will appeal to most men. They have the high performance stuff that pro athletes use for their sweat dripping lifts, but they also have the gear that goes on the golf course or the lunch time stress relieving walk. Oh yeah, and the reason I found MPG was my personal need to find a sport clothing I could afford, most of us can afford their stuff. I need to look stylish while doing my CTV news interviews.

Remember, it's the small changes that are going to bring health back to the nation.

3. Golf Over Gym Memberships.

You can't do Father's Day without golf stuff. Go ahead and spend all the money you want on a new driver, or iron, or whatever. I don't golf, I don't know brand names. However, I know this. Add to your club list a few rounds of golf, but don't buy the cart. Tell your Dad you want him walking the course, remind him that's what they do in the PGA. Also, remind him that water hydrates better than beer. We need our men drinking less booze, the stats prove it. If your dad makes a fuss about any of this, show him the numbers and explain to him what it means to "die from a preventable disease prematurely."

Start by getting them walking while golfing, exploring and hiking. Then move to the bowflex, gym memberships, or personal training. If they aren't active already, they aren't going to go to the gym all of a sudden. Let's all walk before we Crossfit.

4. Thinking Big: TRAVEL.

If you follow along with my writing you'll already know about my passion for active travel. Not the all inclusives, which are nice. But the adventure and exploring travel that blows your mind and gives you stories to tell. It can be a short trip you'd never thought of before. I'm heading to Saskatchewan to go explore their wild life and park, I've been seeing tourism Saskatchewan all over TSN and in the news, I had no idea they had all that beauty. It's a simple drive, low cost, and lots of places to explore.

For those of you needing to motivate your father or husband, nothing beats a BIG trip. I went on a the vacation of a lifetime with Contiki Tours to Thailand. If I wasn't fit, I couldn't have kept up. I wouldn't have seen have the beautiful views or biked with the group around some of the most beautiful, scenic landscapes I could imagine. For the more "seasoned" dad's out there(AKA, old). There are other adventure options, like my dream of one day doing a safari. Tell me that those trips wouldn't get your dad excited.

Imagine this for the perfect Father's Day. You buy your dad a trip to explore Africa, you book it for six to eight months from now. You give him an Apple Watch to motivate him to start walking, and be active. To make it easier, you buy him a couple of MPG shirts, and you don't even need to waste a cent on a gym membership.

You'll be in the will for sure! The only problem is, the pay out might be delayed. Let's help our fathers out this Father's Day by getting them active. Simply move, explore and enjoy life that's the best gifts.