10/06/2014 05:23 EDT | Updated 12/06/2014 05:59 EST

Are You Guilty of This All-Inclusive Vacation Habit?

Frozen Margarita with lime and straw at a bar by the ocean
Frozen Margarita with lime and straw at a bar by the ocean

I live in one of the greatest Cities in the world, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It's a prairie city, so it gets cold. Real cold.

Most people here look to get away in the winter. Winnipeg is amazing in the summer. A world class zoo, Canadian Museum of Human Rights, river walks, beautiful parks, and a beautiful heritage site filled and historic downtown that's second to none. There's just a few weeks from December to March where you have to be tough, crazy and creative to enjoy this place.

So we travel, and it's that travel that inspired this article.

Getting away from home and seeing the world is by far one of the best perks out there, it's not just a Winnipeg thing. Wanderlust is a world wide phenomenon. However, I see people do this really unhealthy thing, especially young people. They book an all inclusive vacation, diet for six weeks unhealthy, workout at a short bootcamp, then head off to a sunny beach to take a few selfies on the first day and put all the weight and then some back with buffets and breakfast margaritas. Sure you warm yourself up, but you miss the best part of travel. You miss exploring!

My goal for people, and the reason I write with passion here is because there is so much more!

The beauty of planning to be active and getting ready for a vacation is that you can lose weight, get healthy and enjoy your vacation and bring back photos people are jealous of. With a planned vacation, you can stay that way after the vacation. You can plan beach days during an adventure holiday too, not just at those all-inclusive resorts.

So I'd love to see people do this. If you need sun, visit a place like California. I heard rumour that "it never rains in California," even if it does, you can take in all kinds of amazing scenery, or museums or really just about any form of entertainment.

Go on a vacation that inspires you. Imagine a trip to California. You can co for a bike ride through wine country, a hike through the majestic redwoods. Go walk on a pier and venture out on famous streets. Take in amusements parks and even go see where movies are made. All of those things, if you do them right, can keep you moving all day. Head back to your hotel to pass out from all the excitement, photos, and memories. Not because you drank so much you have to pass out.

We have a strange way of getting into ruts, and making cycles in our lives. What if people start to see each day as a way to make a new memory, to interact with friends, family and co-workers? It's not about living for tomorrow, a trip that's 10 days long, then back to reality. You can do so many amazing things, weekends are made for little adventures. Evenings can be enjoyed with walks, or educational classes. Those habits can go along with you during your vacation.

Live a life that you don't need a vacation from, live a life that you can take on the road. Be adventurous, just change up the scenery.

Instead of just watching someone explore on the Amazing Race, why not PVR it, go and learn to kayak, then watch the show and be able to immerse yourself more in the adventure knowing what it feels like to be an adventurer?

If you are getting motivated, I encourage you to do this.

1) Book an adventure vacation.

2) Prepare for an adventure with fitness, not just to look good on the beach. The great part about this is it will become a lifestyle. Walking, hiking, fitness skills (kayaking, swimming, rock climbing) incorporate adventure into your life. Then once you return from your vacation, explore your home town and surroundings. It's amazing what you find close by.

3) Make memories, share them, and embrace a new way of thinking. Inspire others to move, explore and just enjoy life on this planet. We are not defined by our nine to five sedentary life. Our mission should be to work, and then go out and touch every inch of the earth we can.

Can you honestly say you have stopped to smell the roses? As long as I live, I'll never forget my Contiki Trip to Thailand. It was the sights,sounds, tastes, touch and smells that made this an adventure. You can see my trip on a photo, you can even hear it in a few videos. The memories, and the moments that fill me with joy can't be shared. The smell of the ocean air, the feeling of the heat, or the taste of the food can't be recreated.

So go, have an adventure. It's a great way to just be alive.


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