02/26/2015 12:28 EST | Updated 04/28/2015 05:59 EDT

Are You a Bully?

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If there was an 8-year-old in the next room, and they over heard you talk about your co-workers, spouse, friends, other family members, what would they hear?

I love the pink shirts, and the #BullyingAwareness tweets. But what have we changed?

Let me explain.

I wrote a blog on my personal site about my life growing up in a small town. I look at my life as a journey now, constantly getting better and improving myself and being a better human.

"It's great that we are putting on the pink shirt, but what do our kids see? Remember, they are in the other room, they see us interact with people. When an 8-year-old turns 14, they won't remember the six times you wore a pink shirt in February. They will remember the conversations they over heard about "wishing someone would just leave work because they're an idiot," or "I can't stand the neighbor, they are...(Fill in the blank)".

We have kids who hate going to school

Kids who are afraid of their "friends"

Kids who don't feel safe

How did we get here?

We owe it to our kids to speak with kindness. Kindness does not mean weakness, it means we speak about people as if they were in the room. The youth of this nation over hears us. They over hear us talk about different religions, races, sexual preferences, genders, and intelligence levels. Not just what we tweet, or say in public, they hear what we really think.

I strongly feel that political correctness has become the problem. We say it right in public, then get it twisted behind closed doors. Our youth need to see us with a consistent message of kindness, understanding and compassion. That doesn't mean we let people abuse or take advantage of us. It means that none of us judge, insult, or belittle another person for any reason ever. Looking around in social media, there's as much bullying trying to make people "PC" as there is actual bullying. We forget that everyone was raised different. We forget that everyone has had different experience. Instead of pointing it out under the guise of protecting political correctness, take someone for a coffee, teach them something. We need to get back to looking at people's heart and intent. My goal is to be kind and caring, never ever to be degrading or inconsiderate. If my words come across that way ever, it's not who I am. It does, however, show that someone needs to sit me down and teach me.

There is not one person on this planet who does not have limitless value and potential to do great things.

That's all our kids need to hear.

I want gender equality #HeForShe

I want to be in the room with people and not have any man or women think I'm judging them for the color of their skin, race, or religion.

I want to learn from every person I met, have them know I respect them instantly.

I guess, if you ever meet me, you now know. I'm here to make this world better, safer, and a lot more fun for everyone. I still may say some stupid things along the way, but my heart is always going to be open, and there will be no judgement.


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